Cardio and Abs Circuit Workout

I know it might sound strange, but I really, really like creating new circuit workouts. I find it oddly enjoyable to assemble a challenging workout with lots of different exercises. I know most circuit workouts will fly by since each exercise is only done for a short amount of time before it’s onto the next!

Today’s circuit workout was no different. It passed by in a flash!

I created a circuit workout that is awfully similar to my Jumping Jacks Circuit Workout, but the exercises in this workout were primarily cardio and core exercises with 60 seconds of jumping jacks thrown in between.

cardio and abs workout

I’m also having a field day creating workout images in PicMonkey lately if you haven’t noticed. I told you it’s one of my favorite blogging tools!

For my at home workout fans, the above workout can easily be done in your living room! No equipment is needed except for an exercise ball for one of the exercises, but you can simply do the crunches without the exercise ball to make it work for you.


Breakfast this morning started with a banana that I grabbed immediately when I walked through the door.

peeled banana

I also made myself a bowl of scrambled eggs with mozzarella cheese, onion, red pepper and zucchini.

scrambled eggs 014scrambled eggs 015


Time to dive into a new freelance piece before our landlord swings by the apartment for a walk through around 11 a.m. We’re staying put in our house for another year and he wants to make sure everything checks out before we sign the lease again. Can’t wait to show him the dishwasher that cleans one out of every 20 dishes!

Question of the Morning

  • If you currently rent an apartment or house or rented in the past, do you have any crazy landlord stories to share?

My first landlord in Orlando was a dream. I loved her. When Ryan and I moved into our first apartment together, our landlords were a treat and, as we found out after we moved in, had a habit of taking tenants to court over ridiculously mundane things. The landlord at our third Orlando apartment was really nice and laid back… but then we had the whole mouse in the house issue, so that was fantastic.


  1. says

    This is the first time I’ve rented from a landlord and not an apartment complex. I would say the worst thing is that they are not quite as responsive. When I moved in there were still dirty dishes in the sink and the oven was filthy. Plus, things aren’t in the best condition – a fan doesn’t work, a few sockets don’t work, the bathtub has a crack or two or three, the toilet leaks, the medicine cabinets weren’t cleaned out, etc. It’s hard because we rent from my sister’s in-laws so there is kind of a family connection and they aren’t great landlords. It’s really annoying and after two months of living here they still haven’t fixed any of the above things. It makes it hard because I don’t want to complain too much (since they are practically family) but then again, I am paying rent and would really like them to get their act together. Ugh. The first day we moved in my friend was using the bathroom and the exhaust fan cover fell on her head. It had been duck-taped to the ceiling!


  2. chelsea says

    my dishwasher is the same way! everything comes out dirty!! I told my landlord and he sent someone to look at it and the guy just said “Rinse your dishes first” UM hello i do!!! They come out dirtier than they went in!!


  3. says

    the last house i lived in was infested with rats, which was awful and they would run around and nest in my roommate’s things at night. so gross. it got even worse when one died in the wall and the house was uninhabitable for months. our landlord didn’t do anything about it. it was the worst situation. yuck!


  4. Dani says

    How do you time your intervals when doing circuit workouts? Do you just use a watch or look at the clock on the wall at the gym? I have been trying to find a good way to time it!


  5. Tracy says

    Then there are the situations when you are the landlord and have awful tenants! A month after our tenants moved in the wife mailed us a letter saying she was moving out because her ex-Army husband threatened her with a gun and oh – she wanted off the lease. We had to literally come after him EVERY month for the rent, he ruined the house, had 2 dogs when he wasn’t supposed to have any…what else? Stole things from the house and didn’t pay the last month’s rent and cost us thousands of dollars (on top of the substantial amount we were losing b/c of the drop in Florida real estate) when we were finally able to sell the house. Not such a treat to be the landord either!


  6. Sara says

    No landlord story but I do have a circuit workout story for ya! I was doing the “no equipment needed” circuit last night. I am by no means in shape but I was an athlete in high school and college and after having my 2 boys I need to get back in shape to keep up. They are almost 2 and almost 5 🙂 They were doing the stuff with me (on their own, I am not a slave driver) When we got to mountain climbers my almost 5 year old says “ugh! Mountain Climbers hate me!!” it was so funny 🙂 I got the added ab workout from the laughing at him and all I could say was “me too buddy, me too.”


  7. says

    This isn’t a landlord story or really my story, but I heard it yesterday so I thought I would share.

    My co-worker was sleeping in the middle of the night and woke up to hearing a cracking noise. She saw a black hole in hear ceiling and started to just push her husband next to her in bed. Her husband woke up and pulled her quickly out of the way. And then her ceiling COLLAPSED! On top of that, there was a raccoon hanging by its front paws into the bedroom. Thankfully, the raccoon pulled itself up and left the scene. But how crazy is that!? To have your ceiling collapse in the middle of the night!?!?



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