Cardio Circuit Workout

Ah! I am seriously so excited to share today’s workout with you guys. No surprise, it’s a circuit workout (my favorite) and really got me sweatin’!

After a 20 minute warm up on the elliptical, I set up a little station in the open area of our gym and completed the following cardio-heavy circuit:

cardio circuit workout

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I did the circuit two times through and it took me about 25 – 30 minutes to complete.

The workout was definitely one of my favorite circuits that I’ve ever put together. I set out to do a cardio-heavy circuit and combined a bunch of my favorite cardio moves (no burpees, hallelujah!) and ended up loving this workout.

The two hardest exercises for me were the box jumps and the scissor lunge hops. My heart was pounding when I finished those moves!


Brrr, baby!

It was 38 degrees outside when we drove to the gym today, so a hot breakfast was a necessity.

bagel banana pb

I made myself a toasted wheat bagel topped with chocolate peanut butter and banana slices

And then because I was a still a little hungry and wanted to use to oven to help warm up the house, I made a quick batch of granola to snack on.

homemade granola

I probably should’ve made more because I’m positive that granola will not last through 10 a.m.

Off to make myself a hot cup of coffee to help fuel me through my latest assignment!

P.S. The December book club selection will be revealed this afternoon!

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  1. Hannah @ running in freedom says

    I love all her accessories! I know its common to mix up genders with dogs but I would still get a little irked when people would call my little gal a boy when she was wearing a a bright pink harness! haha


  2. stevie says

    That happened on facebook the other day. My boyfriends sister kept using the term he in a comment she left about my dog in a picture. She’s part mastiff so she’s very muscular but it beats me!


  3. Amanda says

    Hey just found this blog last night and am hooked…found this workout because I’m ALWAYS trying to add new things to my workout…could u tell me what a skater is? I want to try this workout asap. Thanks!


  4. says

    I dug back through your old workouts to find this one, and did it on Saturday … my glutes are STILL sore! I blame the skaters!

    I’m normally a run/yoga type of person, but this was a perfect Saturday afternoon burst of energy. Great combo!



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