Giving Plyo a Go

Today’s morning workout was a new one!

Yesterday I was on a mission to find a quality 30-minute plyometric workout to try out today. For those of you in the dark about plyometric workouts, they consist of fast, powerful movements that really get your heart rate pumpin’.

I found this workout and copied it down on a piece of scrap paper yesterday and figured I’d give it a go this morning.

Plyometric Workout

The workout looked like this:

1) Squat Jump (60 seconds)
(rest or walk 60 seconds)
2) Push Up with Clap (60 seconds) <– I did girly push-ups
(rest or walk 60 seconds)
3) Box Jump Down (60 seconds)
(rest or walk 60 seconds)
4) Skaters (60 seconds)
(rest or walk 60 seconds)
5) Box Jump Up (60 seconds)
(rest or walk 60 seconds)
6) Medicine Ball Crunch facing a wall (60 seconds)
(rest or walk 60 seconds)
7) Alternating Lunge Hop (60 seconds) <– I did jumping jacks
(rest or walk 60 seconds)
8 ) One Legged Hop (60 seconds)
(rest or walk 60 seconds)

Detailed descriptions of these movements may be found here.

As I headed up to the loft area of my gym that is typically a ghost room, I found it surprisingly crowded. Fortunately as I arrived, a group of three guys were leaving, so I had a little bit of room to spread out.

I completed one round of the plyo workout. Without a doubt, I found the box jumps the most challenging. It’s hard to jump with a lot of momentum for a whole minute! Don’t knock it ’til ya try it!

I planned to do another round of this plyo workout, but the loft got a little too crowded for my comfort. I couldn’t jump around like I wanted to, so I headed downstairs and did 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical.

I followed up my time on the elliptical with one round of my go-to cardio blast sequence.

Once I was sufficiently sweaty, I headed home for breakfast.


Confession: I have a major crush on Thomas’ cinnamon raisin bagel thins. They’re so incredibly amazing topped with savory foods like cheese!

This morning I enjoyed a toasted cinnamon raising bagel thin (you must toast them… 10x better this way!) topped with melted muenster cheese and a fried egg white.

Egg + Cheez

I enjoyed my breakfast bagelwich with a banana on  the side.

Morning Meal

Take a Bite!

Breakfast of My Dreams

If I hadn’t already packed my lunch for the day, I would definitely repeat this meal at noon. It was faaaantastic.

Baby News!

Congrats to the amazing Tina of Faith, Fitness, Fun who welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world last night!

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  1. Karen says

    I have this fun workout handy whenever I need a quick pick me up .. easy enough to do during commercials while watching your fave TV show.

    If you have 5 minutes, do the following exercise routine three times and burn about 40 calories:

    Jump squat

    Stand with feet slightly more than hip-width apart and squat down and touch the floor with your hands in front of you. Keep knees in line with ankles, and chest and head up. Immediately jump back up, using your arms for momentum, and land quietly in a squat. Do 8 reps.

    Jump lunge

    Stand with feet hip-width apart and lunge back with right foot. Bend both knees, keeping left knee over ankle. Exhale and jump up, switching legs midair so right leg is forward and left leg is back when you land. Do 10 reps, alternating legs with each jump.

    Plyometric push-up

    Start in push-up position (hands under shoulders, back straight, abs engaged, toes tucked under). Bend elbows, bringing chest toward floor, then push off floor powerfully enough to lift both hands a few inches. Land softly, bending elbows. (To modify, keep knees on floor.) Do 5 to 10 reps.


      • says

        Hi Julie!
        Thanks for your reply yesterday, I am having a hard time trying to create my website, I tell ya’! It’s really confusing, but I guess it just takes time to learn the systems
        Your wedding pics are so cute and festive, it looks like a great, great party you had – I really want that too on my “big day”!
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        I stumbled across it randomly, and discovering those amazing workouts are one of the best things that ever happened to me! You can actually get in the best shape of your life in your own livingroom, needing no equipment at all. I just wanted to recommend it, because the creators deserve so much gratitude and appreciation
        Please, check it out and let me know what you think!
        Best, Maria


  2. says

    Woah that workout looks tough! I think I’ll try it in the morning 😀
    YUM cinnamon-raisin bagels are one of my all-time favourite things! I usually top it with peanut butter and/or banana, never thought of topping it with savory goods, HAVE to try it!


  3. Jackie W says

    I think I might try this. I want to be able to jump higher and doing this might help (while burning calories at the same time!) Thanks for sharing!


  4. says

    Ahh, plyos are so hard.

    I take two 20/20/20 classes at my gym and we do plyo exercises for about 30 minutes out of 60 and I typically want to collapse afterwards. You definitely feel amazing afterwards though!

    Do any classes at your gym offer plyo workouts?



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