Leg Workout

Today I kicked off my new workout plan!

As Ryan and I drove to the gym, I brainstormed a bunch of different leg exercises so I had some kind of a plan of attack when I entered the weight room after we warmed up with 20 minutes of cardio on the elliptical.

I decided to kick off my leg workout with my least favorite exercise in the world: Squats. Bleh!

In the end my leg workout lasted around 35 minutes and included three sets of 15 repetitions of the following exercises:

  • Squats
  • Superset One: Step ups, Deadlifts
  • Superset Two: Lunges (15 each leg), 30 sec. wall sit
  • Leg extensions
  • Hamstring ball curls

(Note: If you’re confused by the names of some of these exercises, definitely look them up on YouTube. There are a lot of quality demo videos created by fitness professionals out there that serve as great tutorials.)

I kind of enjoyed focusing solely on my legs today rather than trying to cram in a total-body workout. My legs felt about 10 times more fatigued as we were leaving the gym than they have in weeks. Success!


Today’s breakfast tasted extra special thanks to the addition of turkey bacon.

turkey bacon 005

Something about bacon of any kind (especially the smell!) reminds me of lazy weekend mornings. Sure it’s not the most motivational food to eat to begin the workweek, but it is delicious!

As is ooey, gooey muenster cheese!

turkey bacon 006

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Question of the Morning

  • When it comes to strength training, what is your workout plan?


  1. Rosa - Fitness, Food, Fulfilled says

    While I do incorporate squats and lunges into my strength training routine, I tend to focus more on my upper body since that’s where I’m weakest. And my arms often get ignored with all the lower body exercises I do on a regular basis.

    I love a good push-up! I did 75 regular ones today! Holy jelly arms!


  2. says

    Ohh that looks like a great leg workout! And thanks for the advice on where to go to find the info about the exercises! Sometimes I see these workouts and don’t know what the move is! Glad to know about a great resource. And mmm munster cheese!! YUM!


  3. says

    I NEED to incorporate strength training in to my workouts! I’ve been doing lots of cardio but I want the toning that comes from weights. I don’t have access to a gym at the moment and typically do best with work out DVD’s. Do you have any recommendations?


  4. Tracy says

    Group Power – I think its pretty much Body Pump with a different name. If you are ever in the Palm Beach Gardens/Jupiter area you are welcome to tag along ( :
    Also – Jari Love makes some great total body strength DVDs that mimic the Body Pump/Group Power format. Either that or P90X or the new Bob Harper from Biggest Loser strength training DVD. I have done my research!


  5. Carrie Purchase says

    I do a split workout, usually chest/shoulders/tris, back and bis, and legs. I will do abs a couple times a week and a boxing class one day a week!


  6. says

    I love turkey bacon on the weekends! It’s really hard to find turkey bacon where I live, but when I find it I jump at the chance to enjoy it for breakfast on the weekend 🙂


  7. says

    Any kind of bacon is delicious!

    Strength training? I do cardio everyday, like you, and then rotate muscle groups. I do a day of biceps and shoulders (3 exercises for each muscle, 3 sets of each exercise) followed by a day of chest and triceps (same three exercises per muscle, 3 sets of each) and then a day of back and legs. Then repeat! I try to do different exercises so I don’t get bored but there is only so much you can do to keep biceps exciting!


  8. Kait @ One Love Run says

    i’m so awful at strength workouts! i work with a trainer once a week or else my strength training would be non-existent!


  9. says

    Sometimes I do 3 total body training days a week, but then I might switch it up and do 2 upper body days and 2 lower body days per week. Depends on my mood and if my training routine needs some variety. I have gotten where I absolutely love weights. I look forward to a good burnin’ leg day!


  10. says

    My workouts change quite a bit because I’m easily bored. When it comes to strength, I find that I prefer to do the workouts at home rather than at the gym (not sure why?). I generally create my own 15-30 minute interval or circuit workouts, which give me a great cardio and strength 1-2 punch!



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