New Year’s Eve Plans

Brrr, baby!

It’s a cold morning in Ocala today! And no, it’s not just Florida-cold. It’s legitimately cold. We have frost on the ground and temperatures are in the 30s.

It’s so cold that someone has yet to emerge from bed.

dog under covers

Cough, Sadie, cough.

Cold mornings must begin with coffee!

Marylou's Coffee

I brewed myself a hot cup of Marylou’s eggnog coffee that Tina sent to me all the way from Boston last week. I loved the last Marylou’s blend that she sent my way (peanut butter wonderful) and the new eggnog flavor is fantastic as well. I’m a sucker for flavored coffee!

Marylou's Eggnog Coffee

While my coffee brewed, I whipped up a batch of pancakes for breakfast for me and Ryan.

pancakes with syrup 002

pancakes with syrup 004

Topped with a bit of syrup!

New Year’s Eve Plans

When I was hanging out with my girlfriends in New York City earlier this month, we started talking about New Year’s Eve plans and came to the conclusion that New Year’s Eve is way too hyped.

Nothing that spectacular ever seems to occur on New Year’s Eve, yet every year there seems to be something in the air that makes everyone feel like they should have something fabulous on their agenda for New Year’s Eve.

My all-time favorite New Year’s Eve was a house party at my friend Merri’s house that included lots of good food, champagne and a small group of our close friends.

New YEar's Eve 2011

It was perfect! Simple, small and lots of fun.

Merri’s birthday is January 1, so at midnight the party shifted from a New Year’s Eve party to a birthday party for Merri and her twin sister Liz. It was a blast! Low key and perfect.

New Year's Birthday

Another memorable New Year’s Eve took place in Chicago when Ryan and I flew in town to celebrate with my best friends from high school. Unfortunately the memory of a severe hangover on the plane ride home the next day taints the memory of that New Year’s Eve. Bleh.

This year Ryan and I are considering throwing in the towel and having a “just us” New Year’s Eve date night. Dinner and a movie out sounds perfect to me! No matter what we do, our New Year’s Eve will surely be better than last year’s!

Questions of the Morning

  • What is your take on New Year’s Eve? Do you love it or think it’s a bit overhyped?
  • What are your New Year’s Eve plans this year?  


  1. Alex says

    I like new years eve, but I like it because my parents always throw a new years over party. It is always low key and includes lots of yummy food! I would rather spend new years eve with close friends and family then out at a bar spending lots of money!


  2. says

    We are in the same boat- we think it’s just going to be us since everyone is sort of all over the joint. It’s definitely overhyped but there is still this stigma attached to it that you have to do something fabulous haha. If only.


  3. says

    I like the idea of a new year to start fresh, but I don’t feel the need to ring it in with some huge event. We have a family tradition of eating Chinese food on New Year’s Eve. My daughter thought that EVERYONE did that until she was about 10…so sweet. My favorite New Year’s Eve was spent eating our traditional Chinese at Epcot in the Chinese Pavilion. Other than the massive crowds to deal with, that was soooo much fun! I have been working on a Bible study to do with the family about New Year’s resolutions and I found these verses that I thought would help us make good ones. James 4:13-17, 1st Corinthians 19:20, Mark 12:29-31 and Ephesians 4: 29-32

    On a side note, my 20th wedding anniversary is on January 2nd and I do plan to celebrate that!


  4. says

    Definitely Overhyped, IMHO. We cook lobsters for dinner on our own, then go to a friends’ house to usher in the New Year. So much more sane than anything else we could think of. Did a big event once, eons ago, but we much prefer the small, intimate gatherings to the chaos. Enjoy date night!m


  5. says

    Last year my husband and I gave up on hosting or attending a New Year’s Eve party and went out for sushi with our 3 kids and then came home to all night movies. It is one of my fondest memories. And this year we’ve already made reservations for the same sushi restaurant and have movies and board games lined up.


  6. says

    For NYE, my friends and I get together at one of the houses and have a PJ party. We all buy new PJs to wear and play board games and drink wine/beer and have lots of appetizers and desserts.


  7. Emily says

    I think it is a lot of hype although I have to share my all time favorite NYE was two years ago when my sister got married. It made for one busy Christmas week but it was so much fun! It was at a gorgeous hotel and almost every guest stayed the night, so no worries about being on the roads. The favors were NYE hats and noise makers it was a great time! This year we are having a low key dinner with family which is wonderful because I am 33 weeks preg.


  8. Cindy says

    Wow! I am stunned at all of the negativity and perception of NYE being all ‘hyped’ up. It’s funny because that’s exactly how I feel about the most overrated, commercialized, pretentious, meaningless holiday called Christmas! At least people don’t have to pretend to be something they aren’t on NYE. We are hosting a party and will be drinking, eating and having a great time!! There won’t be any crappy what-the-hell-am-I-gonna-do-with-this gifts. There won’t be any wasted wrapping paper, wasted money, wasted time or wasted anything. We also won’t feel guilty for celebrating a religious holiday when we aren’t even near being religious or come close to practicing and honoring what is supposed to be the true meaning of Christmas. Happy New Year 2013!


  9. says

    I agree that NYE always seems so hyped for basically no reason. The best NYE I ever had, I went to bed at 10pm and didn’t wake up until I had to go to work the next morning. I felt so refreshed and renewed and am thinking that’s the best way to start 2013. It really sets the tone of the year for me.


  10. says

    Being in a new city for the last 2 years my friends and I went all out and bought in to all the over priced tickets to DC night life. This year though we are exchanging our Christmas presents after work and doing at home appetizers and then have a 9:30 dinner reservation that includes a champagne toast! Oh I am getting old!


  11. says

    I totally prefer low-key New Year’s Eves as well! My fiance and I hang out with my best friend and her husband and don’t do much of anything. One year we attempted to rent a condo in the Poconos on NYE, and that was way too ambitious 🙂 we do much better when we just sit around and enjoy each other’s company!


  12. says

    My fiancé and I will be having a fun night in, just the two of us! We’re planning on making a yummy dinner, playing cards, watching the ball drop and drinking some champagne of course 🙂 Fortunately, we always have a great time even if we’re by ourselves!! Happy 2013 everyone!!


  13. says

    I think I feel different about it because it is my husband and my dating anniversary. This year marks 10 years as a couple. We always try to do something fun and it’s always a blast getting to spending an extra special two days with my favorite person.



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