Saturday Morning Circuit Workout

I think the woman who scanned our cards at the gym this morning thought Ryan and I were a little looney. She overheard us talking about Barney (yes, the purple dinosaur) and gave us quite the look.

As Ryan and I walked into the gym, I told him that whenever I wear purple and green together I feel like Barney.

purple and green workout clothes

Chalk it up to years of babysitting, but the purple and green color combination always makes me think of the lovable dinosaur!

Ryan then tried to tell me that Barney was solid purple (someone clearly needs to brush up on their Barney) and that’s when the woman working behind the counter at the gym realized what we were talking about and assured Ryan that Barney has a green tummy and green spots on his back!

barney dinosaur

Other color combinations that remind me of random things:

  • Black and gold: UCF (Go Knights!) or bumblebees 
  • Black, red and white: Chicago Bulls
  • Green and gold: Fremd Vikings (My high school! Ryan’s high school colors were actually the same, but he went to high school in Bradenton.)
  • Tons of blue: My friend Leah (She loves blue as you can tell from her wedding colors!)
  • Blue and orange: UF
  • Blue and yellow: Blue Barracudas from Legends of the Hidden Temple
  • Red and green: Christmas
  • Black and orange: Halloween

Barney is probably the strangest color association I have, huh?


Today’s workout was the perfect way to kick off the weekend.

I did three rounds of a circuit workout that kicked my booty.

Circuit Workout - Cardio   Arms   Legs   Abs

It was a good one!


On our way home from the gym, Ryan and I swung by McDonald’s for iced coffee.

paleo oatmeal flax 011

Did you know they’re still doing McDonald’s Monopoly? Sadly my iced coffee wasn’t an instant winner.

paleo oatmeal flax 010

I was crossing my fingers for the $10,000. Bummer.

I sipped my iced coffee while I ate a bowl of Joelle’s Paleo oatmeal.

paleo oatmeal flax 015

As always, I added an extra egg white, a spoonful of cashew butter and used a whole banana. I also changed up my usual flaxseeds! I previously used flaxseeds I ground at home myself since I couldn’t find ground flaxseeds in Ocala for the life of me.

Then, my buddies at GNC came to the rescue and sent me a bag of Premium Gold Flaxseed, and the texture of my Paleo oatmeal completely changed for the better! (I am partnering with GNC through a campaign with FitFluential and reviewing a handful of products that I was able to select that fit my personal lifestyle. FitFluential, LLC compensated me for this campaign, but all opinions are my own.)

ground flaxseeds

I already liked the Paleo oatmeal despite its funky texture, but the new ground flaxseed changed the texture so the consistency reminded me a lot of cream of wheat. I loved it!

paleo oatmeal flax 016

I’m off to blow dry my hair and hit the road with Ryan and Sadie for my mother-in-law’s house in Sarasota! She’s hosting a big birthday brunch tomorrow for all of the fall birthdays (Ryan’s included!) and I’m looking forward to some fun family time this weekend.

Question of the Morning

  • Do certain color combinations remind you of something random? Please share!


  1. Alexis says

    Tina (carrots n cake) has a great paleo oatmeal recipe too. I add chia seeds in addition to the ground flaxseed and a little pumpkin pie spice in the fall. So tasty!


  2. Christina says

    Thanks for the circuit – I am totally trying this one this coming Saturday morning 🙂

    Just thought I’d tell you that I’ve gotten so many great ideas from your blog and I find reading it really inspirational and helpful. Its helped me to maintain my motivation to get fit and healthy, lose weight and respect my body more, and I’m now in the healthy weight range 🙂

    You’re great, keep blogging!


  3. Holly says

    I have been subscribing to your blog for several months and love it! I finally did a workout that you posted. It was awesome. It was the perfect combination of cardio and strength. Love your blog!



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