15 Minute Arms and Abs Bodyweight Circuit

Workout fun to come in a minute, but first let’s back up a bit to yesterday! Nothing particularly cool or unusual happened, but our evening involved a new-to-me recipe that is worth trying, so I figured I’d share a little bit.

I worked through the late afternoon yesterday and once I left the gym, I made it my mission to get a few errands out of the way including a trip to the post office (mayhem!) and a pit stop at a local auto shop for an oil change. Oil changes are never a blast, but at least they had complimentary hot chocolate to enjoy while I waited.

hot cocoa

I’ll take it!

By the time I made it home, dinner was almost ready thanks to some pre-work prep I did in the kitchen. Gotta love crock pot meals! I feel like 50 percent of our dinners lately have been crock pot meals and I’m definitely not complaining!

Yesterday’s dinner included Kristen’s Crock Pot Ranchero Chicken that we served over brown rice. (You should probably go look at her photos because mine are horrendous. That’s what happens when you’re too hungry to wait to take nice pictures!)

crock pot ranchero chicken

The recipe involved more prep work than I am used to with crock pot meals (I typically gravitate toward recipes where you can just dump everything in the crock pot and not worry about any stovetop cooking at all), but the extra effort was worth it because Ryan and I both loved the flavor!

The ranchero sauce was so tasty and I think it would be great with eggs, avocado and black beans in the morning for a special breakfast. Yum!

While I put the finishing touches on the crock pot chicken and cooking the brown rice, I put in the new holiday Pentatonix CD Ryan ordered for us!


My love for a cappella music knows no bounds and we first discovered this incredibly talented group while watching The Sing Off. We have followed them ever since and are continually impressed by their creativity. (I may or may not be a crazy lady who leaves them comments on their Facebook page begging them to come to Charlotte during their next tour… Do it!!)

15 Minute Arms and Abs Bodyweight Circuit

Today’s workout began nice and early since I had to head off to the gym to teach a 6 a.m. indoor cycling class. The class went well and our group was in a great mood, making little jokes between songs which kept things light and fun!

Once my class was over and I was done cleaning off my bike and chatting with everyone, I quickly took myself through a 15-minute arms and abs circuit that looked like this:

15 minute arms and abs workoutAnd since all of the exercises only use your body weight, it’s another great at home workout option!

A quick tip for the chest-to-floor push ups: Get into proper pushup form and lower yourself to the ground. Completely release your palms and pause on the ground before pushing yourself back up off the ground, using zero momentum. Keep your core tight!

photo 5 (4)

Once I was done at the gym, I drove home for a short break to shower, make breakfast and chat with you lovely people. And now it’s time to head back out to work!

Enjoy your Tuesday!


  1. says

    I’m loving crockpot meals for quick and easy dinners! It’s nice to come home from a long day sometimes and not worry about cooking. Definitely need to try this recipe. Love chest to floor push-ups! It’s such a great way to add variety to a workout and really focus on the eccentric movement for the muscle. We tend to go through that motion the quickest because it’s really where we feel the burn!


  2. Katie says

    Off topic, but was curious if you planned on doing any book reviews again soon? I always really liked that feature as a way to find some good reads. Lately I’ve been hooked on a podcast called Serial (So addicting if you haven’t heard of it, its about a murder investigation) anyway, it ends tomorrow and I’m itching to find a good read! thank you!


  3. says

    Thanks for the workout! I’ve got a knee injury, which means lower body lifting is kinda off the table right now sadly. I can still do all types of cardio and sports, but it makes going to the gym to lift much less motivating, since I can only do upper body weights. This is the perfect workout for when I’m at home and don’t feel like going all the way to the gym! 🙂



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