20 Minute Treadmill Run

This week is off to a decent start thanks to a pretty stellar morning workout.

My time at the gym began with a 20 run on the treadmill that looked like this:

20 Minute Treadmill Run Workout

I blasted by half marathon playlist and really got into it. Thank goodness the treadmills at my gym don’t face people because I was lip synching my heart out like a fool. Sometimes the music just moves ya.

Once I was done on the treadmill, I walked into the weight room to complete an upper body workout that left my arms feeling quite fatigued. I lifted heaver weights than usual and really felt the burn. It was a good one!


Breakfast today was delicious!

peanut butter overnight oats

While this may look like a typical bowl of overnight oats, it tasted like oatmeal peanut butter cookie dough! I need to measure the ingredients out to share this with you guys because I have a feeling my fellow peanut butter fanatics would enjoy it a lot.

I omitted the Greek yogurt in my typical overnight oats and added peanut butter and a bit of brown sugar to the mix before letting it sit overnight. So good!

overnight oats

I hope you’re having a great Monday!


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      Agree with you as well Jenny. I like to exercise, or run accompanied with music and end up lip syncing! It helps me be in the mood for an additional lap.


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    My sister was running on the treadmill behind mine and caught me choreographing new Zumba routines (I’m a licensed instructor!) while running! Oh the silly things we do while we run! (Jenny^^ I’m totally guilty of the air drums!)

    Thanks for sharing!


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    After reading about your peanut butter oatmeal cookie inspired overnight oats, I knew I had to try them right away. So I decided I would just play around with the amounts myself (patience isn’t really in my nature). I used honey instead of brown sugar because I have a jar of raw honey that I am completely obsessed with at the moment and try to use it in as many things as possible. It was absolutely delicious and a great way to start the morning. Thanks so much for the suggestion.


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    I ran this morning at the gym and was so into the music, I was practically fist pumping in the middle of the gym! Those are the best times to run though because I think about the music and not the run mostly. Soooo fun!



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