100 Workout

My sister and I wrapped up the day yesterday with more cooking and baking.

Sadie wrapped up the day with lots of sampling.

100 workout 009

Okay, so we did a lot of sampling, too. Smile 

If you know the secret to preparing delicious food without eating a million bites along the way, please share this information with me.

At around 7 p.m., our friend Ross and his adorable dog Kona arrived in town and we all headed out for dinner at a sushi restaurant in downtown Ocala.

100 workout 012

Rainbow roll + Cobra roll… I definitely wiped off the dot of hot fire on top of the cobra roll. Too spicy!


This morning the four of us awoke for an early morning workout.

We headed to the gym and Ryan and Ross did their thing while Leslie and I completed 30 minutes on the elliptical before doing an awesome cardio circuit.

We did the “100 Workout,” a fast-paced circuit workout I copied down from Pinterest a while ago.

100 workout 015

We skipped the 10 minute run at the end of the workout and replaced it with a round of one of my favorite intense cardio circuits.


After the gym, we swung by the grocery store to replace some of our depleted food supplies before my sister and I made a yummy breakfast back at the house while the guys entertained the dogs outside.

100 workout 019

While Sadie acted like a feeble little princess when she saw Bob Barker bobbing around in the pool, Kona dove in like a champ! It’s a chilly day today but there’s no stopping Kona from pool time.

Breakfast included more egg sandwiches and cereal.

100 workout 016

This time I made my egg sandwich on a cinnamon bagel which was a great decision. Savory + sweet is the best!

Gotta get back to the fun before returning to the kitchen to finish up the food prep for our Friendsgiving party tonight.

Ryan and Ross are on turkey duty!


  1. says

    Love this workout- have gotten so bored of my usual strength training workout so this will make a nice change. I need to google leg lifts though- not sure I am thinking of the right exercisde! Have a great day!


  2. says

    Such a good workout idea! I might have to try that one day when I’m feeling a little out of whack with my usual routine.

    Sweet bagel + savory toppings = BALLIN’


  3. Laura says

    Sometimes if I really don’t want to sample while cooking I’ll chew mint gum or some other potent flavor. Then you know even if you DID sample, it would taste weird!


  4. says

    I have the same workout pinned, but I haven’t tried it yet. You beat me to it!

    And eggs + cinnamon raisin bagel is one of my favorite combos. My boyfriend turned me on to it a few years ago, and at first I thought he was crazy. One bite in and I was a convert : )


  5. says

    I am so jealous of this Friendsgiving you’re having! Sounds like a blast, AND you get two thanksgivings! I also have been craving cinnamon raising bagels! I saw some GF ones by Udi’s at WF last week, I’ll have to get some soon!


  6. says

    That circuit sounds pretty hardcore! Might have to try it sometime, although maybe customising it to a 50 workout not sure my body would know what hit it with 100!! Nice for you to have your sister to do it with, working out is always easier with a buddy!


  7. Lindsey says

    I have heard that chewing and intense flavor of gum (like cinnamon) will help to not pick while cooking! I have that problem too! Making brownies/cookies = having (at least) 2 servings worth before they are even made!! soooo good though!!!!


  8. says

    That looks like an awesome workout! 🙂 I think I will give that a go – love Pinterest for fun things like that – and I love that picture of the woof jumping into the poo…hilarious! 😀 Have a wonderful time with your sister! <3 xyx


  9. says

    I have no idea how people can make food and not sample along the way. That takes way more will power than I have.

    P.S.I think Ross and Leslie would make a cute couple! 😉


  10. Julie W says

    Julie, I love your blog!! I read it everday. I’m sure you already know, but you were featured in an article in the UCF newspaper this week. So cool to see another UCF alumni make it “big”! 🙂


  11. says

    I saw that workout on pinterest too! Ones from pinterest that I have been giving a try are the lean arms and lean legs pyramid workouts. They are short but definitely effective.


  12. heatherb says

    love it. so, with the 100, do you just do everything in order, no rest in between? i like your notepad and writing. pink/green together is a fave.

    that is an awesome pic of kona ready to hit the water!


  13. Carrie says

    I remember you mentioning your sister was going to write a post about her running experience, I would be interesting in hearing and hope this is still in the works!


  14. says

    I’m a huge savory & sweet fan, especially when it comes to breakfast. I love making french toast into a sandwich with ham and cheese or to do an egg sandwich with apple and cheese. It’s the perfect compromise when you can’t decide if you are craving savory and sweet. I also recently made a strata (on the blog soon) with gruyere and apple. So, so good.


  15. Meredith says

    Random question about the leg lifts in the workout – do they mean side leg lifts? Or like the leg lifts that work your abs? Thanks :). I did it today, and did side leg lifts but I wasn’t sure if that’s what the intention was!


  16. Brenda says

    My 12 yr old. dvaughter and I did the 100 workout together today- it was fun watching her determination to get through it! 🙂



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