T-shirt = More Sweat

Today I had plans to take a 30-minute strength class at the gym. I began my workout with 20 minutes on the elliptical and planned to do about five minutes of various strength training exercises concentrating on my legs before the class.

I ended up feeling “in the zone” as I started my leg workout and decided to skip the class and instead completed this leg workout:

leg workout

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It feels like it has been a while since I’ve completed a quality leg workout since I was taking it easy on my legs after my half marathons, so it was nice to feel the burn in my hamstrings and quads again.

I also couldn’t help but notice how much sweatier I was after this workout because I was wearing a t-shirt instead of a tank top. I can work out in yoga pants or capris without overheating but the minute I start working out in a t-shirt, I feel much more restricted and immediately wish I was wearing a tank top. Apparently my armpits and shoulders need to breathe.

My face is also by far the sweatiest part of my body when I workout, so maybe I just need to keep things cooler up top? Do any of you notice something similar? Ryan is actually the opposite and said if he wears warm up pants to the gym, he sweats like a beast, while wearing a t-shirt doesn’t bother him in the least. 

Funky bodies.


After the gym and a quick shower, it was breakfast time!

I made scrambled eggs by combining three eggs, shredded cheese and almond milk in a bowl before cooking them up on the stove top.

scrambled eggs 001

The almond milk definitely changed the texture of the eggs. I was worried they wouldn’t set, but eventually they did and came out fluffy and delicious, though a bit runnier than usual.

scrambled eggs 003

Served with toast, of course! 

Question of the Morning

  • Do certain types of workout clothes cause you to get overheated more easily than others?


  1. says

    I have the same problem with wearing tshirts to the gym, it just can’t happen! Though, I’ve noticed that while I can wear capris while running, I can’t wear pants and my best runs I’m in shorts. That may be more of a movement than sweat thing though…interesting!


  2. alyssa - fashion fitness foodie says

    When I’m running outside I never feel hot unless I stop for a second – then theres sweat pouring into my mouth and eyes. I don’t notice it too much at the gym though.


  3. says

    I just wanted to say that I was so excited about last nights Sing Off! It was an amazing show and I would have been thrilled with either group as the winner. Although I am stoked for Pentatonix! I thought of you when they won.

    Right before they announced winner my boyfriend paused the TV and made me chase him around the house to get the remote back. Rude, right?


    • says

      i always take at least one rest day a week and honestly just listen to my body. to be honest with you, the only time i feel like my workouts are crazy intense is when i do some of the interval workout on the treadmill at super-fast speeds or when i did 100 squats in a row – those are exhausting – but never too much that i feel faint or pukey EVER.


      • Elizabeth says

        I am glad you are able to keep healthy and going strong. I read your blog and wonder–How does this girl not ever pull a muscle? Twist a knee? You lift some serious weight and now are running like crazy.

        I think your body changes with age and children! At 33 and post 3 kids, it seems like I am always injuring something!

        Have a nice evening. You will be a great mom someday. I can see that in your posts. e


  4. says

    I definitely look like a bum when I go to the gym, because I’m apparently the complete opposite of you when it comes to workout clothes! 🙂 I, like Ryan, am a T-shirt all the way kind of girl. But I also can’t work out in capris or spandex or anything close to the skin on my legs. I wear those swishy shorts (Reebok? No idea what brand) or even, for a throwback, Soffe cheerleader shorts. No tight workout clothes for me! (May be a problem as I start to train for a half marathon this winter…uh oh…ha!)


  5. says

    I am the same exact way. I usually wear capris, but sometimes yoga pants, but I can NEVER ever wear anything but tanks to the gym. I get way sweatier and super uncomfortable in a t-shirt.

    My face also gets crazy sweaty and red, and my hairline gets soaked. Not the cutest look.


  6. says

    I am like Ryan. If I wear pants to the gym I get so uncomfortable and hot. I sweat a lot anyway, but it is definitely worse when my legs are hot rather than my arms.

    You lift really heavy weight for someone so small. How do you not bulk up? Every time I start strength training, I feel like I get big, not toned.


  7. says

    I don’t mind wearing crops to the gym, but if my calves are covered I feel SO hot. Long running tights aren’t as bad, but like Lululemon Grooves or any other yoga pant? I feel so clammy and gross! Those are purely for lounging 🙂


  8. says

    I don’t think it’s the shirt that makes you hotter, I think it just holds more sweat (because there is more fabric to do so!) so it feels like you’re sweating more!

    I sweat like a beast no matter what I wear! (hence, the name!) 🙂


  9. meredith says

    i cant wear t shirts either!! i feel so restricted in them, and my face is definetly the sweatiest part of my body as well. My face will be sweating like a beast and nowhere else on my body will.. its super attractive


  10. Kristen says

    I am the exact same way. Nice to know I’m not the only one. I have to have my neckline open…if not I feel confined and sweat so much more.


  11. Deanna says

    Yep, you are not alone on the t-shirt thing. I learned long ago that T-shirts are the sweaty kiss of death for me at the gym. I also go tank top. Even better is when I work out at home in just my exercise bra. So much more comfy without all the extra layers. Guys: you are so lucky!


  12. Kaella Carr says

    I always feel better, and sweat less, when I’m wearing capris/shirts and a tank top. My body gets hot fast. Then again, I usually sweat more at the end of my workout (it just pours out after I stop) so I could technically wear long pants and a t-shirt as long as I took them off right after I stopped working out, ha ha!


  13. says

    OMG I totally know what you mean – I can’t run in T-shirts because they don’t breathe nearly as nicely as tanks do! And I usually work out in shorts unless I’m doing a strength class, because any type of cardio gets me sweaty. I don’t think I’ve ever worked out in pants!


  14. says

    I am with Ryan on this one. T-shirts don’t bother me as much as capris or pants do and I am a fellow face sweater. Group classes are the worst for this. I cant ever seem to cool down with something constricting my legs.


  15. says

    I’m the same but its a cotton T-shirt that will make me sweat – pit city – I’m ok if I am wearing breathable work out gear.

    I do have a ? for you Julie though – I wasn’t sure if you had posted what you do for your eliptical workout ie) level of resistance and what RPM do you usually go?


  16. says

    I’m the same way!!! I hate feeling constricted when I wear t-shirts to workout in (the only difference is if I’m running outside, then they work fine as long as it’s not summertime and the collar needs to be a v-neck or loose so I don’t fee like I’m choking myself!). 🙂


  17. Miriam says

    I prefer working out wearing a t-shirt, I feel more comfortable.

    Reasons :
    1- it doesn’t show any cleavage which makes me feel less “naked” in front of people (I mean in the eyes of perverted gym guys),
    2- it absorbs sweat (while perhaps increasing the degree of heat and sweat),
    3- I feel more comfortable using machines and benches (less chance of skin touching the dirty fabric), 4- I don’t have to worry about showing too much cleavage (refer to number 1)
    5- It’s so much less expensive than tank top (I keep my tank top for casual wear).
    However, I really don’t mind wearing tank top while taking (almost) girls only gym classes.


  18. says

    I hate anything that covers my shoulders or armpits or comes up to high on my neck! Even in the past when I’ve run and trained for marathons in the winter I have refused to wear long sleeve tops. The only thing I will wear in addition to a running tank to keep warm are arm warmers, that way I don’t feel as constricted. In the gym or warmer weather I always stick to tank tops!


  19. Caroline says

    I love wearing pants and longer sleeves to the gym; I really like to sweat out as many toxins as I can when I work out! 🙂 The sweatier the better, hehe


  20. Nicole says

    Your gonna think I’m crazy but I wear a long sleve shirt to the gym at least once a week. Sure it gets drenched in sweat but thats ok – shows you worked hard! Oh and did I mention we have snow and it gets -20C where I am, on a good day!


  21. chrissie says

    I’m totally with you on the tank top thing! Especially when I’m running….I canNOT wear a t-shirt! Even in the winter (in Chicago) I have to wear a tank top under a long sleeved shirt to run outside, I have no idea why.


  22. Linz says

    I am the SAME way! I sweat to death in a t-shirt regardless of if I have long pants, capris, or shorts on! I have to work out in tank tops!!! Also, I added almond milk to my eggs the other day and they do take forever to cook and are much runnier! Definitely not the same as adding cow’s milk!


  23. Deanna says

    Agree on the t-shirt. I wore the technical long sleeved shirt from my turkey 5k run last night and was miserable in the weight room. Tank tops are where it’s at for me.


  24. Anne says

    Julie, when you say your meals, are you cooking for both you and Ryan? Or just for yourself? (I’m assuming your meals shown and written out are for one person only.)


  25. Catherine says

    so funny you wrote this post! i actually wore leggings to spin class for the first time ever this morning…never again..never again haha


  26. says

    This is hillarious.. I normally work out in a tank top as well, but last night when I was laying out my gym clothes I opted for a t shirt because I knew the weather was going to be a bit cooler this morning (a bone chilling 72 degress LOL).

    During my work out I totally regretted my decision and wished I wore a tank top, I was burning up! Mind you I don’t even workout outside so I’m not sure what I let the weather wave my decision making process?


  27. Ella says

    I hate working out in teeshirts but my school gym recently banned tank tops. They make me feel so constricted but our AD decided lifting in tanks could make weaker people feel intimidated.


  28. says

    I’ve tried wicking t-shirts and just can’t do it! They go to the bottom of the pile while I reach for tank tops. A loose t-shirt is just too much and a form fitted one feels restricting. I’ll even opt for long sleeve or zip up with a tank top over t-shirt. Bottoms have less of an effect but I usually go with capris at the gym. Glad to see I’m not the only one avoiding the Ts!


  29. lauren says

    I hate being hot! I don’t love wearing shorts, but when it’s 50* or warmer I’ll wear them to stay cool. I wear short sleeves/tanks pretty interchangeably, but I prefer tech material shirts. The last time I wore a regular t-shirt to the gym I was a sweaty mess within 20 minutes. I think I learned my lesson.
    It doesn’t help that my gym turns their heat up way too high in the fall/winter…I find myself wearing warmup pants over my shorts so I don’t overheat, then “stripping” once I get there. I don’t get it, who wants to be that hot when they workout?


  30. says

    I used to only workout in t-shirts (old high school ones) and once I started finally wearing decent workout tanks it was SO different and SO much better. I wear t-shirts sometimes but only if I’m wearing shorts to kind of balance it out. I’m with you on this one, I’d rather be open on top and wear a tank!


  31. Nicole says

    i have the same problem! i sweat so much no matter what my work out is! the best tank i found was lululemon’s no limit…it has so much breathability and it doesn’t even feel like you are wearing a tank!


  32. says

    I always wear a tank top and workout capris. When I wear a tshirt I feel overly sweaty and like the material cilngs to me. I don’t think the capris make me feel hotter, but I wear them mainly so that my thighs don’t rub together. Sounds so gross, but I get a rash on my legs if I run for too long in shorts!


  33. Heather says

    Where can I find a good website for training on half marathons? Runner’s World is now making you pay for training programs/plans. I am beginning to train but would like to read other suggestions on how to train in 10 weeks. Thanks!


  34. says

    I get really sweaty working out so I am pretty picky about what I wear! My go-to outfit in capris and a fitted tank…anything like a t-shirt and I am soaked in minutes and I feel claustrophobic haha!


  35. says

    I’m pretty sweaty no matter what, but I absolutely cannot run in pants unless they’re tight, like leggings. I literally feel weighed down! I’m really hoping to invest in some new comfy workout clothes soon. I see you wear lululemon a lot; any other suggestions?


  36. Alicia says

    I can workout in tshirts cause I played vb all my life and thats what we practiced in but I can’t workout in sweat pants like Ryan said. My pants or capris have to be tight. Ps I just tried the jam and cheese combo this morning (finally found a good gluten free english muffin) and WOW I was really missing out!


  37. says

    It doesn’t matter what I wear, I’m a sweaty beast. SO…wearing black is usually the best thing for me so at least I can hide it a little bit.

    And I sweat the most from my head. MY GOD, it’s ridiculous. So it all drips down from there. Maybe I need some type of “root” cooler for my hair to keep me from sweating as much. That’s it! A fan for cools you from the roots. If I see this taking off on your blog, I’m coming back for royalties, missy.


  38. says

    I have to wear a t-shirt and shorts when I work out. Sometimes I’ll wear knee socks, but I just can’t wear leggings unless it’s REALLY cold otherwise I totally overheat.

    For some reason shorts and knee socks are cooler than leggings. I guess my knees get hot? Lol, I don’t know. Although I’m definitely a face sweater too. I always have to be sure to bring a towel with me to the gym.


  39. Meg says

    I get hot no matter what I wear (and as soon as i start to overheat I just want to stop working! Which is terrible if it happens in a race!) While my bf is always cold! So I try to gauge what I’m going to wear working out by wearing one less layer than he is!


  40. laurel says

    Ryan is actually the opposite and said if he wears warm up pants to the gym, he sweats like a beast, while wearing a t-shirt doesn’t bother him in the least.

    Is this a Dr. Seuss rhyme? 🙂


  41. says

    If I wear a tshirt, I miiiiight sweat JUST a little bit more, but I’m just really sweaty in general! No matter what workout I do, I sweat buckets, and my under “armour tanks” are the BEST for that! Highly recommended…:) T-shirts appear to be more wet because they’re not wick-away, and they have more surface; hence, it’s easier to see that it’s drenched.


  42. Annie says

    yep, same here. Today I wore a tshirt for a “relaxed” class of legs, bums and tums but was covered in sweat by the end of it! Never happens with a tank top!


  43. Katie G says

    I’m not a super sweaty person so when I work out, I’m not usually dripping (unless of course I go to hot yoga!). but I’m definately the same as you. I can wear shorts, or leggings, or usually any bottoms and be fine but when my shirt is heavier I sweat a lot more!


  44. says

    Amen! Cotton in general just doesn’t allow me to breathe so unless it’s a super loose t-shirt then it’s a no-go and at the gym a no-go for sure because that is just embarassing. Great question!


  45. says

    I hardly ever wear a t-shirt, I will always go for a tank top with a zip up so that I can take off the zippy off! My face always goes bright red and sweaty, not attractive! I did a big leg workout yesterday and really struggled in yoga today- and walking generally!


  46. Erika says

    Hi Julie! I just found your blog and I love it! I had to respond to your post because last night when I went to the gym, I wore a pair of ankle length workout pants that I hadn’t worn in a year and I had a terrible workout! I felt so uncomfortable. I do best in my black cotton capris (with pockets for my Ipod) and a lightweight tshirt. I don’t feel comfortable just wearing a tank top. My face gets sweaty too!


  47. Michelle says

    Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a couple months but never stopped by to say hi… so hi!

    I experience the same thing as you! When I’m running (especially on a treadmill), I get so much sweatier and feel almost overheated if I’m wearing a t-shirt as opposed to a tank or just a sports bra.


  48. says

    I definitely feel sweatier and weighted down when I work out in a t-shirt. I feel like I sweat profusely, then my t-shirt sticks to me, and I can’t move as well. But I also seem to be fine with longer bottoms, although until you asked, I never really thought about if long bottoms had the same effect as a t-shirt. Hmmm, the human body is a fascinating thing. Great question!


  49. says

    Did this leg workout on Thursday- added in a few more exercises (like for calves & more hamstring..and that awkward inner thigh/ outer thigh machine 🙂 )- LOVED this workout! & feeling it still today! Definitely saving it!!


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