Get Your Heart Rate Up Circuit Workout

Sometimes I have the best time thinking of random circuit workouts at the gym.

Today I was feeling a little creative and knew I’d be bored if I stuck to a normal cardio or strength workout, so after a 20 minute warm up on the elliptical, I took myself through a fast-paced circuit workout that looked like this:

circuit workout
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The entire circuit took me about 20 minutes to complete and felt like a great total-body workout with some cardio thrown in the mix to keep my heart rate up.


After the gym, it was breakfast time!

scrambled eggs 008

I made myself two whole wheat waffles, topped with chia seeds and syrup. I also ate a cup of Greek yogurt with honey while they were toasting because I’m apparently way too impatient to wait a whole two minutes for waffles to cook.

scrambled eggs 005

Time to blow dry my hair before hitting the road for Orlando. I’m speaking to a marketing club at UCF today!


  1. says

    I love a full-body circuit workout–totally killer! They get the booty movin’ and I feel like I am on top of the world when (and after) I do them. Thanks for the ideas 🙂

    Have fun today–and good luck. Pretty sure you’ll just knock their socks off!


  2. Caroline says

    Great Circuit workout! I just graduated from UCF in Marketing. B2Cafe was my study spot! Great healthy food! Hope you can try it out while your there!


  3. Ashleigh @ this lil heart of mine says

    I can’t wait for you to come to Vegas! Can you remind me of
    The dates! I would LOVE to meet you!


  4. Vanessa says

    I was watching friends last night and saw that Joey actually suggests peanut butter fingers as a course for Monica and Chandler’s wedding!


  5. says

    ok, this comment does not have to do with the blog…i just wanted to say “WOW” i follow you on twitter and you have like a gazillion followers!!! good for you!! next up, reality show. 🙂 keep on with your posts…love them.


  6. Angela @ Health Hapiness & Harmony says

    Good luck today!

    I love your workout and your breakfast looks great. 🙂

    I know chia seeds provide a significant amount of omega 3’s. Do you know if they are considered a significant protein source too?

    Thanks Julie!


  7. Lisa says

    i thought you would be doing a half marathon in Vegas this weekend? what happened? i remember you writing a post about it. Thought the blogger summit was only a secondary reason of you going to sin city?!


    • says

      no! the summit was actually the main reason i was planning on going – the run was a byproduct. unfortunately when the summit was canceled, i decided not to go because of financial reasons (i was previously planing on some help w/ travel costs from the summit).


  8. Bek says


    I was wondering what is all the fuss with chia seeds? I see they are big now and I would like to add them to my morning oats but I was wondering what is the benefits of them and what effects they have?


  9. Julia says

    THank god for your circuit workouts! I was able to do this one at home with some free weights and a ghetto jumprope, but it worked now i’m panting and dripping as I write to say thanks!!!

    modification on the dead lifts is ppl are interested: my weights were only 8lbs so when I went down in the lift i did a row and then came up, activating my back and arms a little more.

    This was the first one ive done, but my gym may just never see me anymore 🙂


  10. JenJen says

    I just tried this circuit last night and quite enjoyed it! I loved how everything ramped up each round, I will definitely have to work up to the 60 second plank!

    Loved it, thanks!



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