Adele 3x

I think Adele has one of the most gorgeous and timeless voices I’ve heard in a long time, so I must beg the local radio stations in Ocala to stop incessantly overplaying her music.

I want to love her music and her voice for a long time to come, not get so sick of her songs that I immediately flip to a different radio station after the first word.

Three different Adele songs played on the radio within an hour this morning… one on the way to the gym, one at the gym and one on the way home from the gym.

Sometimes I wonder if the artists themselves wish that radio stations wouldn’t play their music on repeat or if they love it because more radio plays means more exposure and more album sales?

I know this is a random thought, but do you guys ever think about the people who used to date the singers behind tremendously successful songs? I wonder how they feel when they have to hear their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend’s songs blasted over and over. I’d imagine that would get really old really quickly. I’d probably be a CDs-only-in-the-car kind of girl if I dated Bruno Mars or Adam Levine from Maroon 5. (Oooh baby!)


Today’s workout began with 20 minutes on the elliptical before hopping off to complete a leg workout that had my legs shakin’!

leg workout

I finished my workout with five minutes of abdominal exercises, topping it off with a one-minute plank. It has been a while since I’ve done planks because my elbow was still rather bruised from December’s bike accident and it hurt to put pressure on it for quite some time. It finally feels a-okay!


Today’s breakfast was extra cheesy!

scrambled eggs with goat cheese 003

I made a plate of scrambled eggs with three eggs and milk, shredded cheese and goat cheese stirred into the eggs.

The goat cheese added an extra punch of creamy, savory flavor that I absolutely loved.

scrambled eggs with goat cheese 001

Time to get crackin’ on my to-do list!


  1. devyn says

    I actually don’t buy the music I know I will hear a billion times on the radio! Also, when you make your eggs is it three full eggs or the egg white? I realize thats a weird question and I don’t know why I am so curious haha


  2. says

    Adele is my students absolute faveee! I don’t think I’ve gone through one school day without hearing an Adele song, watching one of her music videos, or listening to one of my students sing for me :P


  3. says

    Unfortunately this has been an ongoing problem for me at work. We actually had to change radio stations just because we couldn’t stand to hear “Somone Like You” any longer…which is so sad to me because Adele is an amazing vocalist.


  4. says

    I love Adele too but definitely got a little burnt out on her for a while when she was on the radio 24/7. Though I tend to be that way with songs I like anyway- I play them over and over and then and then don’t want to hear them for a while! And I’ve definitely thought of the exes before! Have you heard that song by Kellie Pickler that talks about it? Kind of cute…


  5. says

    Forgive me if you’ve posted this somewhere else – I’m still newish….Can you post the weight you use while doing your workouts? For example, how heavy are your weights for 3min squats? Are you using a squat rack or free? Thanks!


  6. Eileen says

    Hi Julie, Your post reminded me of a book I read a while ago. It’s called Wonderful Tonight by Patty Boyd. She was a model you was married to George Harrison from the Beatles and Eric Clapton. She was like their muse and they wrote the songs “Something”, “Wonderul Tonight” and “Layla” about her. It was so interesting to read about the private lives of such popular musicians at the time. Thought I’d mention it for a nice quick read :)


  7. says

    omg you said it girl! I absolutely CANNOT listen to Adele anymore and pretty much every radio station i switch to is playing her music! love your blog btw! found it while google searching oatmeal recipes!



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