Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Circuit Workout

I am so excited to share this workout with you guys today.

Before heading to the gym this morning, I sat at the kitchen counter and jotted down a bunch of different exercises with the goal of creating a super-fast circuit workout that would kick my butt and leave me dripping in sweat in 25 minutes or less.

I present to you the Cant Stop, Won’t Stop Circuit Workout:

circuit workout

Why “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop?”

  • Can’t Stop: It was very fast paced so I felt like I could never stop and had to keep moving so I could stay on point
  • Won’t Stop: It made me dig deep because it was so challenging so I had to really commit and tell myself “I won’t stop” a few times

The good news? I was technically only kickin’ my butt for 20 minutes of active exercises, though the workout took me about 25 minutes to complete. I warmed on the elliptical before diving into this bad boy which helped my muscles feel ready to go when I started in with the first 30 seconds of burpees. I was so sweaty by the end of this workout!

After my workout, I looked over at Ryan to see if he was ready to head home. Please check out my crazy husband:

box jumps 005

He takes box jumps to a whole new level.

Allow me to show you my box jumps:

box jumps 019

box jumps 018


My bravery is astounding.


Breakfast this morning was a new one for me.

box jumps 012

I tried Joelle’s Paleo oatmeal that I pinned on Pinterest a few weeks ago. No, I’m not going Paleo, but I’ve seen blogger after blogger rave about this “oatless oatmeal,” and I’m always game for trying a new recipe. I gave it a go this morning and am definitely a fan. (I used an extra egg white and a whole banana in my version.)

I’m just about the least picky eater in all the land, so I could see people who are easily skeeved out by strange textures not enjoying this dish, but I loved it. I had Ryan try a bite and he thought it was good, too, though he happily chowed down on his beloved McDonald’s hot cakes that we picked up on the way home from the gym.

I ordered my usual iced coffee to sip along with my hot breakfast and enjoyed it with a cup of key lime Greek yogurt.

box jumps 017

box jumps 014

Yum! It instantly made me wish I would’ve used the yogurt to make my key lime pie protein smoothie. Maybe I’ll make one after our morning walk with Sadie?

Off to exercise that crazy ball of love!


  1. says

    That looks like an awesome circuit workout. I love your circuit workouts for my cross training! Also that key lime smoothie recipe sounds delicious. I made your pumpkin honey muffins and they are so good! Have a great Saturday


  2. Marissa Pass says

    I couldn’t help but smile at the box jumps pictures. He looks so precarious perched up there … I’d be nervous watching him too!!!

    Who says white boys can’t jump???


  3. Cate says

    My trainer used to make me do box jumps. I was terrified and after about 15 minutes of him trying to concvince me, I started with just a step like the ones used in step aerobics. I could do those, so we moved onto a 12″ box. A week later he tried to get me to do them again, but on a bench. I was terrified and refused! I think so much of box jumps is mental! I had to get over it in my head before I could make my body do it. I do them at home on my stairs all the time now! 🙂


  4. Lindsay says

    Dare I ask how a one-legged burpee works? And, holy box jump! I can’t overcome the mental aspect of doing high jumps. I’m certain I’ll lose some teeth.


    • Timi Koutrakis says

      Lindsay, begin in plank position, hold a one legged plank,
      with other leg, bent so that the knee is close to the elbow,
      or as far up as you can get it while holding a stable position. Then try to get up using only the one leg, repeat,

      it might work better if you switch legs right off the bat instead of trying to do ten on one and ten on the other.


    • Marissa Pass says

      lol that’s exactly what I was thinking …. one legged burpee???? so then I got up and tried one … and they work.


  5. Joyce says

    love this workout! am moving to an orphanage in tanzania for a year, definitely no gym, so have been saving quick and no / minimal equipment workouts like these!


  6. says

    ?!?!? It is humanly possible to jump that high?!?!?!?

    ** I found your blog via your guest post on Fitnessista and I’m a hooked reader since 😀
    I also decided to join your book club! Loved Gone Girl and I can’t wait for your review!


  7. Beccalou says

    I can hardly wait to try that circuit workout. Oh Tabatas, how do I love thee…let me count the ways. As a distance runner, I am always amazed at how such a quick workout consistently kicks my butt and how sore I am the next day….or days 🙂
    Thanks for the inspiration, Julie! You rock!


  8. says

    Cracking up! So funny…but his box jumps are def crazay. I mean….how does he get up there without some sort of magic carpet? I have yet to see someone actually do a high box jump….you should record him next time!


  9. says

    OMG! How did Ryan do that?!?! I’m with you – box jumps terrify me. I really can’t believe he stacked one box on top of another. That is so insane, and impressive! Anyways, sounds like a great workout, and I love that you could do it pretty much anywhere. I like timed intervals a lot, too. Thanks for sharing!


  10. Vanessa says

    This circuit looks awesome!!! I just have one question–do you rest for 15 seconds in between EACH exercise in the circuit or do them for 30 seconds each and then rest for 15 before moving onto the NEXT circuit?! Thanks!! 🙂

    And holy box jumps…INSANE! I’m pretty sure I would face plant! haha


  11. says

    That workout looks tough! I love that it could easily be done at home. Your husband’s box jumps look craaaaaazy. Those things scare me! 😉 I’m going to give those oatless oats a try. Have a great weekend!


  12. Liz says

    Love this circuit workout! It looks tough and I love that it is only ~25 mins. I’m going to try it at home later this afternoon… Happy Saturday!


  13. says

    I’m pretty sure you need to videotape him doing those box jumps… and then get a judge from the Guinness Book of World Records to witness it. That jumping is intense!!


  14. Jenny says

    How high is he jumping?!?! That’s crazy. I think I would have to cover my eyes or look away while he was doing it, I would be so worried. I agree, you should def record him doing it.


  15. says

    Ah i’m so scared of box jumps! I have a feeling I would totally be able to jump higher than I think, but I’d be too afraid of tripping to try it.

    That circuit workout looks so much fun, right up my alley! I hope to try it out sometime very soon 🙂 Happy Saturday to you!


  16. says

    Dang! Ryan can JUMP! Tina of CarrotsnCake talked about jumping a few weeks back, and it amazes me how high some people can go! I think I’d only bruise my shins. 🙁

    And I second video taping those jumps. I’d LOVE to see those! 🙂


  17. says

    I never “got” circuit workouts until I actually tried one of your and loved it!
    This one looks super challenging, I can’t wait to try it when my stress fracture heals!

    Holy moly Ryan can jump!


  18. Andrea says

    Does Ryan wear Vibram FiveFingers? Or is he jumping in socks? Or is my eyesight so bad that I am just imagining it looks like he is not in regular shoes?


  19. says

    Definitely going to have to give this workout a shot — I already have it printed out!!

    Oh. And Ryan – talk about giving a mortal meaning to “leaping tall buildings in a single bound!!” Superman, much? Those boxes were INSANELY high!! Super impressive!


  20. says

    Thanks for sharing that “oatmeal”. I haven’t seen that on Pinterest yet, but I’m going to have to give it a shot! Although I love my oatmeal, so we’ll see how I like this recipe. 🙂


  21. Anna says

    How on earth did he do that? He doesn’t even look that much taller than the boxes! How do you jump over something that is at the same level as your chest? How does one even learn how to do that? Teach us your ways Ryan-san.


  22. says

    I seriously love your tank! Can I ask where you got it? If it’s as bright in real life as it is in your pictures, then it was made for me 🙂

    Also, the timing for that picture of Ryan was perfect… did you wait for him to jump to snap the picture? Or were you all “wait!” when you saw him there? LOL


  23. Gloria says

    My trainer got me to do box jumps a while back, and I remember being so scared. It took me 30 mins to do an easy one. It’s definitely a mental thing!
    How the heck can Ryan jump so high??!! haha Amazing.


  24. says

    i cannot BELIEVE he jumped onto that box!!!!! that is insane! i mean, i believe you, but how could he do that???????????????? i would LOVE to see a video of it!!
    i am honestly stunned.


  25. Alison says

    Holy smokes!!! JUST finished this workout…I think I’m steaming I’m sweating so much. I actually am not a fan of circuits and cardio stuff which is why I’m trying to do more of them. Maybe if I keep at it I’ll be a fan one of these days! Thanks! 🙂


  26. says

    Omgshhh I can do box jumps but not thhaattttt high!! My mind instantly sent my imagination haywire seeing myself fall flat on my back! Eeeek haha.

    And I love that youre not a picky eater. I’m not one Either and will try just about anything. Except….certain animals dishes and I won’t mention them or you might feel queasy. 😀


  27. ivette says

    Hahaha, totally with you on the ‘bravery’ for box jumping!
    I just always feel like i’m totally going to fall flat on my face & break all my teeth so i’m very impressed with Ryan!


  28. Shannon M says

    Love your workouts, happy to see some of yours posted again. Can’t wait to see more weight/cardio circuit workouts. You have a great blog and should write a cookbook too :).


  29. Lizzie says

    Holy Superman, Ryan! Haha! That’s, well, redic. He must be wearing Nike Airs :p (ok ok I’ll stop with the cheese factor) I mainly wanted to comment to say how impressed I am with you variability in workouts and eats each and every day! It’s an admirable quality! I also appreciate your ‘get in and get out’ philosophy at the gym- being satisfied with workouts that don’t make you spend hours at the gym. Your approach to eating healthfully is really so great, too. I never see you going crazy about portion sizes and measuring amounts- you eat well to feel well. There aren’t too many girls out there like that- so thanks for inspiring 🙂


  30. Abbi says

    I share your fear of box jumps. One summer I was doing box jumps at volleyball practice and my foot slipped and I ended up scraping the front of my shin on the edge of the box (which was carpeted) and scraped a few layers of skin off my leg. I could barely walk after that and needless to say I now have an aversion to doing box jumps.


  31. Samantha says

    This is how I feel with my boyfriend at the gym! Between him doing box jumps, battle ropes and burpee things with a medicine ball I look like a 5 year old running in circles compared to him! I’m happy I’m not the only one


  32. says

    This workout sounds really intense…I can not wait to try it thank you! I am a huge lover for oatmeal, it is my go-to for breakfast most mornings…i have it mixed with yogurt and cinnamon. this paleo recipe sounds different though and I like the idea of it, I will definitly give it a try. Thanks!


  33. Ann says

    I thought he was standing on top of the cardio machine in the back when I first saw that picture! I thought, he must have been bored and ready to go, and finding a way to entertain himself. Then I realized – WOW. Video please!


  34. @pluvk says

    Are you SERIOUS?!?! Can he really jump that high? My mind is reeling… I feel accomplished to jump two feet, but that? Wow.
    Awesome workout, btw! LOVE it! Totally doing it sometime soon. 🙂 Thanks!


  35. says

    Hey, I did your workout this morning — it was a nice change of pace for me. I loved every minute of it though my fiancé was cursing the day I was born for inviting him to do it with me.
    He’ll live I’m sure!
    Thanks for sharing!


  36. Lauren says

    1. I kind of don’t believe Ryan is jumping that high. Damn! Video or it didn’t happen!

    2. Honestly his jump looks a little dangerous. One minor slip and he’s got a broken leg.


  37. Cristina says

    HOLY…Your husband is an AMIMAL! …In the nicest way possible! Dont sell yourself short though, box jumps are no joke. I may be a “creeper” blog reader but you inspire me so much. xxoo


  38. says

    Thanks for sharing the recipe AND the workout 🙂 Both look great! I’ll definitely have to try both, hun 🙂

    Your box jumps are so cute. I seriously cannot believe how high Ryan jumps! I am so scared, too! You’re not alone love.



  39. Becky says

    I love that this comment chain has turned into a “box jumps terrify me” support group!

    It’s so nice to know…I’m not alone!

    hee hee

    can’t wait to try this circuit! It looks awesome!


  40. SaRa says

    Love the length of your tank! What brand and style is it? I have a long torso, so I have a hard time finding long enough tanks! Thanks!


  41. says

    When Ryan jumps that high and lands on the edge of the second box, isn’t he afraid it will topple backwards with him on it? That looks really HIGH. Quite limber. Wish I could do that.


  42. says

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