Hot Holiday Workout

Last night Ryan and I were up a little later than usual wrapping Christmas presents for my family… in the dark.

We had some power issues and the electric company came out to our house a little after 9 p.m. to work their magic.

Ryan has a pretty awesome headlamp that he uses on his hiking trips, so while I used the headlamp, Ryan clipped a mini flashlight to his t-shirt (Iron Man?) and we wrapped away while Sadie chased the light. It was actually a really nice night and our wrapping job didn’t end up looking too shabby!

Christmas Presents

Get ready for some fun gifts, family!

We leave on Friday for Jacksonville to celebrate Christmas with my family (my grandma is flying in from Gettysburg on Wednesday!) and I cannot wait.


This morning we awoke nice and early and arrived at the gym around 5:15 a.m.

Since Best Body Boot Camp officially concluded last week, I feel a bit of workout freedom this week. Though I typically prefer having a plan or routine of some sort when it comes to my workouts, a few weeks of randomness sounds pretty fantastic right now.

I began my workout with 20 minutes on the elliptical before wandering into the weight room. Almost immediately, the whiteboard caught my eye.

Whiteboard Workout

Every week or two, one of the trainers at my gym updates the whiteboard with a new workout. Since I’ve been following BBBC, I haven’t really used the whiteboard workouts too much, but today it inspired me!

HOT Holidays Circuit Workout

As you can see, I kept the second circuit basically the same (I upped the number of rows) and changed the first and third circuits a little bit to my liking. Okay, fine, I didn’t want to do burpees or jumping lunges today. Caught!

And yes, more holiday graphics. They bring me joy.


Post workout breakfast!

eggs and biscotti

Today’s breakfast included scrambled eggs with goat cheese, zucchini and mushrooms.

Plus two mini biscotti on the side!

biscotti trader joe's

And there you have it!

Question of the Afternoon

  • Do you like to have a plan to follow when you work out or do you prefer to wing it?


  1. says

    I like to plan my workouts out! Otherwise I end up getting to the gym and doing random things for an hour…I feel like I get a better workout in when I know exactly what I’ll be doing. Plus I like to know I’ve worked every muscle group each week! 🙂


  2. says

    Your wrapping puts my wrapping to shame, and I had all the lights on when I did mine! My mother-in-law is really talented and artsy-fartsy when it comes to wrapping… I need to get her to teach me, but I think I just don’t have the patience. 😛

    Love the workout board inspiration! I definitely prefer to have a plan. 🙂


  3. says

    ummm those biscotti look amazing.
    As far as workouts go, it completely depends! Most workdays, I decide my workout based on how I’m feeling that morning. I have this mini notebook that I’ve filled with tons of circuit and HIIT workouts, so I usually just flip through until something catches me eye.

    Also, I meant to comment on your post yesterday about Sandy Hook….I really appreciate the time you took to write it. When I’m struggling with difficult emotions, I really have trouble with finding an outlet. In this situation, being able to read articles and other posts, and being able to share my emotions with others, even people that I don’t know, has been helpful. So, thanks for your post 🙂


  4. ashleynelsonTX says

    I MUST have a plan when I work out or else I’ll jump around the gym like a psycho rabbit! Not the most effective way to burn calories.


  5. says

    before BBB I used to just wing it, now that I am into BBB whenever it ends I feel sort of lost in the gym! On Monday I did the circuit you posted on Friday and it was killer, I woke up with a sore booty thanks to all those squats and going through the circuits 4 times!


  6. says

    Nice job wrapping all the presents! My husband also has a bunch of headlamps–they come in handy for random stuff like that 😉

    I teach a bunch of fitness classes, so yep, pretty structured, and I love it! For fun though, on days when I don’t teach, I like doing my own thing!


  7. says

    I love having a workout plan when I go to the gym. It’s a way for me to avoid excuses or lazing around when I could be a beast :).
    Your wrapping paper is so fun and Christmasy!


  8. christy says

    I typically stick to my boring old heavy lifting routine when I go to the gym. Recently I’ve been trying some of your circuit workouts which KICK MY BUTT! They definitely made me realize that although im getting stronger, my endurance is super low! I’ll be doing the workout you posted today at the gym later this evening! They are tough but fun! How did you like the BBBC work outs? Were they a mixture of strength training and cardio?


  9. says

    So funny that you mention Ryan’s headlamp. My fiancee still uses his headlamp from the Marine Corps whenever the power goes out – or just for fun when he needs something in the basement. Doesn’t matter that we have flashlights right under the sink.

    I like plans, but sometimes it can be a bit much. I’ve tried stuff like P90X, but 90 days of the same thing is boring. I think a month is my max for stuff like that. Your BBBC seems like a good compromise.


  10. says

    I love having a little bit of an idea of a workout plan when I’m free styling at the gym, especially with weights and strength. Truth be told, I usually just seek out your blog for help. 🙂


  11. says

    I’m loving all of the holiday graphics, too! 😀 Great workout and that’s really cool that the trainers at your gym post workouts on the whiteboard. I like having a plan when I work out, even if it’s just something I scratched down on a piece of paper 5 minutes before hitting the gym. Otherwise I find I waist time trying to figure out what the heck to do.


    • Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers says

      I agree! I will often jot down a rough outline of a workout to follow and find that it helps me push myself a little bit more.


      • says

        I’m with you both on this one! Even if it’s on the car ride over (not as I am driving of course…as I am in the passenger seat!), I will jot down my plan or look for inspiration online. I wish our gym did the white board! And your graphics are so fun right now, Julie!


  12. says

    Totally depends on my mood whether I want to wing it or follow a plan. I’d say most of the time I like a plan because then I feel like I’m accomplishing…if I’m left to fend for myself, my workouts usually aren’t as difficult!


    • Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers says

      I feel like I clearly stated that the whiteboard workout inspired my workout. I am not out to steal workouts from my gym – I promise you – and felt like I changed enough of the workout to warrant a graphic which I said was inspired by the whiteboard workout. I’ve also spoken with members of my gym’s staff in the past about posting their workout and instagramming pics of their whiteboard workouts and they’ve assured me they don’t have an issue with it at all.


      • Alex says

        You did clearly state that the white board workout inspired your circuit that you made. It clearly was just an inspiration because you changed half of the workout that the trainer wrote on the white board. Plus who doesn’t love the winter graphics, makes me want to try that circuit, which I am going to tomorrow 🙂


  13. Alexis says

    I usually have a plan of some sort, either a certain muscle group or a training plan I follow. I do the enjoy the random days when I just let myself go with the flow and do whatever my body feels like it needs to do.


  14. Rachel says

    I discovered your blog through Pinterest and I must say I LOVE it! I like to plan my workouts to be sure I’m getting a good balance between cardio and strength training.


  15. Alex says

    I have to have a plan!!! If I dont have a plan then I get lazy and I do a couple things and decided good enough and go home. I’m liking your curcuit, I might have to try it out tomorrow!


  16. says

    I make a plan — right before I go to the gym. But I don’t always stick to it. I tend to add more. 🙂 Do you know what front raises with kettlebell would be? Just curious — love working with kbs.


  17. Jessie says

    Love having a plan & I feel like I failed/didn’t do my best if the plan is not completed! Can’t wait to try this workout too. Yayy for no jumping lunges or burpees!!!!!! Ha Ha


  18. says

    I’m a little crazy and have to have a workout plan! I love figuring out what I’m doing for the week and then with each workout. I would be horrible if I didn’t have a plan. I would probably just walk around the gym, so yes, I need to have it in front of me!


  19. says

    I like having a plan, which usually ends up coming from a blog or IG. I love yours! I’m a big fan of circuits, and I also have to do 2 of my workouts per week at home, so your blog and others are great inspiration! And thank you for no burpees…there has not been a day in my life when I have wanted to do them! 😉


  20. says

    If I am not participating in a Body Pump or some kind of resistance training class, then I 100% follow a workout plan! I really like the idea of the gym whiteboard idea, though. I am totally suggesting this to our GM!


  21. says

    For my workouts outside of the gym classes I have a general plan in my head- but not written down because I don’t want to carry paper around with me!

    The dark present wrapping sounds fun! I’ve wrapped most of my presents and I’ve been doing my mum’s also haha. I love wrapping!


  22. Cathryn says

    I ALWAYS have a plan. It holds me accountable if I don’t complete it. Also, it keeps me motivated to walk into the gym with an already set workout. It must be the 11 years of swimming that made me so schedule oriented, but I will be 10 times more motivated if I have a plan. Your breakfast looked delish!



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