8 Fitness Apps To Try

A roundup of 8 Must Try Fitness Apps to motivate you during your next workout! 


8 Must Try Fitness Apps

We’re one week into the new year and hopefully any goals to live a healthier and more active lifestyle are still going strong! Buuuut just in case they aren’t, it is my hope that today’s post will give you a little workout motivation.

Today we’re chatting about fitness apps!

I’ve been using fitness-related apps to help inspire my workouts and motivate me in the gym for years. They’re especially handy when I’m traveling (I used the Nike Training Club app a number of times when we were in Florida last month) and I am hoping that at least one or two of the highly-rated fitness apps mentioned in this post will pop out at you. There seems to be a fitness app for everything these days and below you will find apps that cater to everything from strength training and yoga to running and bodyweight at home workouts.

Get ready to get sweaty!

8 Must Try Fitness Apps

 Nike Training Club App

This is, without a doubt, the fitness-related app I use most often. It’s fantastic and allows you to pick and choose the type of workout you’d like by selecting your workout goal. (Categories: Get Lean = Cardio intervals // Get Toned = Light weights with intervals // Get Strong = Increased weights // Get Focused = 15-minute workouts that target specific areas) You can then select your level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) and the app takes you through a workout. NTC takes care of the timing and offers video demonstrations of every exercise so you can learn proper form if a certain exercise is unfamiliar to you. I love the format of their workouts and find them fast-paced and challenging.

Full Fitness App

I downloaded this app a couple of years ago and still utilize it when I find myself in a fitness rut. It’s $2.99 but in my opinion it’s well worth it. In addition to offering workout routines and programs catered to beginners, strength-building, weight loss, glute definition and more, the app breaks down various exercises by muscle group which is my favorite! It’s easy to get in the routine of doing the same exercises for the same muscles over and over again, but this app helps you branch out and incorporate new effective exercises into your strength training routine by including a seemingly never-ending list of exercises, complete with picture demonstrations and quality form descriptions.

Interval Timer App

This interval timer app is great if you have a workout that requires you to complete an exercise for a certain amount of time. You can adjust the length of your intervals, create a customized cycle, add alerts so a sound can tell you when you’ve completed an interval and more!

7 Minute Workout App

The no-frills workout provided by this app doesn’t vary at all but it’s one I love to use as a “finisher” at the end of a workout. In just seven minutes, you’ll take your body through 12 high-intensity bodyweight exercises and complete each one for 30 seconds, making this app a great option for those who get bored easily!

Sworkit App

This app is great because you can use it to take yourself through a strength, cardio, yoga or stretch workout that’s anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. The app is user-friendly and visually appealing and it provides short video demonstrations of the exercises, making it a great option for beginners.

runkeeper app

RunKeeper is a free app that tracks runs, walks, bike rides, hikes and more using the GPS in your phone. The app also reports your pace per mile and can give you audio splits by time or distance during your workout. You can also set goals and play your music through the app.

Daily Workouts Free App.jpg

This app features 5-10 minute targeted workouts (abs, butt, arms, etc.) and 10-30 minute full body workouts with video demos for each exercise. The workouts are easy to follow, making them a great option for beginners. The only downside is that the workouts are rather limited and can get a bit redundant after a while.

Yoga Studio app

This app offers “yoga for everyone” and with 500+ five-star ratings, it’s clearly a winner. You can create your own customized practice or follow one of the 65 ready-made video classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced yogis. The app also allows you to schedule you classes to sync with your calendar to help keep you accountable!

Question of the Day

  • Do you use any fitness apps to inspire your workouts? What are some of your favorites?

My favorite is definitely the Nike Training Club app! It’s the best!


  1. says

    Oh my gosh, so happy to see this on your blog! I just switched from mostly at-home DVD workouts to going to the gym, I could SO use something like the Nike Training Club app! And I completely forgot I downloaded that yoga app and have barely used it. I love the interval timer app, that’s basically the only fitness app I use (plus Fitbit!)


  2. Rebecca says

    I HIGHLY recommend Spitfire Athlete! It has a variety of training programs you can follow based on your goals, and all of them have the exercises performed by top female athletes/bodybuilders. Whether you’re looking for HIIT workouts or powerlifting, Spitfire has programs catered to different levels and interests that last anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks. My college friends and I (now scattered around the country) love picking a program to follow together!


  3. Amanda says

    I first started using Nike Training Club a couple years ago when you first mentioned it on here. I still use it a ton and love it! I definitely want to try the Yoga Studio one now.


  4. says

    OH, I’m definitely going to check some of these out! With a small kiddo at home, as much as I don’t always like working out at home, I don’t really have a choice most days lol. I’ve only used Nike Running + app which I really like for mapping and keeping track of my runs. It also plays your playlist through it for you. I just don’t like that it uses data while I’m out (not sure how your cell plans are in the states, but we don’t get unlimited data up here, boo!)


  5. Kim B says

    FitnessBlender is my go to app. They have hundreds of workout videos and I just love them, especially their HIIT/strength combos! They have workouts geared to all different fitness levels


  6. Erin says

    Strava! Mainly tracks runs and bikes, but you can add any activity you want. Can track your run like runkeeper, but has a community base so that you can follow your friends and comment on their workouts. Very motivating!


  7. Bron says

    I just downloaded the Nike app in anticipation of being able to workout again after I have my second baby in early March. Thanks for all your at home workouts – I have bookmarked so many to do during naptime! x


  8. Laura says

    map my run! it will tell you your pace, mileage, and splits right in your ear as you are running! it also gives overall pace, elevation, etc. after you finish.


  9. Katie says

    I tried NTC but thought it was boring and hated just listening to the trainers monotone voices! My favorite app is Fitness Blender’s. They do all the moves with you and they are so relatable and down to earth 🙂


  10. says

    Mapmyrun! Been using it for years and I love it. I have never had an issue with it being unable to map a route. So helpful for being able to keep track of your pace (says your overall time, overall pace, and split pace in your headphones at every mild) as you run, and look back on your runs over the years. You can also use it on your computer to map out runs or search for routes in your area!


  11. Mary Beth says

    My husband turned me on to strava this past year. He’s into competitive mountain biking, but they have a running option as well. I use it for my hikes / walks / runs. I love that you can compete with everyone that uses the trails and try to beat your own (and other) times. You can give kudos to each other and encourage everyone in your group. The app also will track weekly and annual progress. It’s pretty cool!!!


  12. Dawn says

    Hi Julie, which of those apps would you recommend to help guide some pregnancy workouts?
    I am starting to get into a rut of doing the same thing and would love to mix it up!
    Thanks in advance!


  13. leslie p. says

    I love Grokker! They do yoga, fitness, meditation and recipes for ~15$ a month AND they release new content every day! The videos are super high quality and I can mix it up between HIIT and yoga. 🙂


  14. says

    The suggested fitness apps are effective if one sincerely follows it to the letter. I really could not believe that it would only take 7 minutes a day to be fit!! A must for those who always lack time!!!


  15. Maria Costa says

    I’m surprised no one has brought up Skyfit here! It’s my go-to fitness app right now, and while it isn’t free, the quality of the workouts is incredible. I’m so motivated by the music and the choice of classes – it’s really like going to a studio for a fraction of the cost.


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