BBBC Round Three

This morning kicked off round three of Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp.

Best Body Boot Camp

Earlier this year I completed the previous two rounds of the boot camp and fell in love with the workouts, so I was really looking forward to beginning round three at the gym today.

The first workout of boot camp began with a 20 minute interval workout. Tina provided basic guidelines for the intervals, but it was up to participants to figure out how fast to complete the intervals according to their personal comfort levels.

Since I have a habit of falling into a bit of a cardio rut, I appreciate a workout program that incorporates intervals and kicks my butt a little bit. I tend to default to chillin’ on the elliptical with a magazine for cardio, so today’s interval workout was a welcome challenge! 

I did my interval workout on the treadmill and ended up completing the following 20 minute treadmill workout:

treadmill interval workout

After a quick five-minute cool down, I wrapped up my workout for the day by following “Workout A,” a total-body superset workout from the boot camp.


Breakfast this morning included a plate of scrambled eggs with onion and turkey bacon.

scrambled eggs with muffin

Plus a homemade oatmeal pumpkin muffin on the side!

Now it’s time to make myself a cup of coffee. It’s nice and chilly in Ocala this morning, so a hot cup of coffee is calling to me.

Question of the Morning

  • Do you ever find yourself falling into a cardio rut? What type of cardiovascular workout is your default workout?

I definitely fall into cardio ruts. The elliptical seems to be my default cardio workout. I can’t read magazines on the treadmill, so when I want to zone out and flip through magazines, the elliptical is my go-to machine.


  1. says

    Excited to be back for round 3 of bootcamp. I’m on a personal training plan with Tina and had a great workout today.

    As for cardio, it’s my favorite and I like to mix it up but my go to is the spin bike. We have two in our home gym since we love it so much but I also switch up the elliptical and treadmill and do workout videos. Now when it comes to strength/weights, I have to push myself to do them since I would much rather be doing cardio lol

    Way to go on your workout!



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