Heart Pounding Cardio Workout

This morning kicked off with a cardio workout at the gym. It was quite a hodgepodge of a workout and definitely kept things moving.

I hopped on and off cardio machines as I completed a five minute circuit in between three 10-minute rounds of cardio on traditional cardio machines. There was no time for boredom!

Cardio Workout

My take on the above workout looked like this:

  • 10 min. incline walking
  • 5 min. circuit
  • 10 min. run
  • 5 min. circuit
  • 10 min. elliptical
  • 5 minute circuit

The mini circuit helped shake things up and 45 minutes of cardio flew by!  And yes, I felt totally goofy doing front kicks at the gym. I’m pretty sure I looked like a Rockette-wannabe.


Before bed last night, I prepared a batch of overnight oats for breakfast this morning.

overnight oats with unsweetened coconut

I topped my oats with unsweetened shredded coconut and ate it before it was time for a shower!

oats with coconut

Now I’m about to hit the road for Orlando. I’m heading to my old stomping grounds to hang out with my friend Laurel for the day! She’s getting married in May and we have a lot of wedding-related tasks to tackle today!

Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. says

    Oh wow, that looks like a fun workout! I’m thinking it would be quite difficult to complete that though if the gym is busy, huh? Which means I’d have to get up suuuuper early then?! 😛 I still can’t change my schedule even it I want to. It’s tough! haha


  2. says

    Have lots of fun in Orlando. Can’t wait to try this, I should be embarrassed to do these front kicks at the gym but Im pretty sure they already think Im a whack-o for doing weighted bridge lifts and other embarrassing moves;)


  3. says

    That workout looks insane! I definitely need some motivation after being snowed in today, so I think I’ll add it to my routine tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!


  4. says

    Julie where do you get your unsweetened, shredded coconut? I’ve been searching and my whole foods only has a tiny container for about a million dollars.




  5. says

    My first cat’s name was Winston too! I was a big fan of WWF Wrestling when I was younger and when my dad told me that they were going to get me a pet for my birthday I decided that I wanted to name it after the British Bulldog’s bulldog named Winston. As it turns out we wound up getting a female cat instead of a male dog but since I had already put the name on a pet bowl I kept it (and I also didn’t have ideas for any other names)


      • says

        My wife pointed out that I neglected to mention that I got 4 cats for the price of one because Winston came to our house with 3 kittens in utero! The animal rescue organization from which she came said that she was spayed but evidently they were wrong. My dad called my mom’s house at like 6AM to tell me that he and my stepmom woke up one morning and saw Winston with three kittens at the foot of the bed! That was surprising to say the least…


  6. Sydney says

    LOL – I laughed out load sitting at my desk when I read “Rockett wannabe” and my male co-workers all gave me a funny looks. Way to not be scared of the weird looks I’m sure went your way! I don’t have the guts to bust out attention grabbing exercises yet since I work out during the busy hours of 5 – 6:30pm. Kudos to you!



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