Killer Cardio Total Body Tabata Workout

If you are craving a killer cardio workout, I think you’ll love to hate today’s total body tabata workout. It is a smoker!

Tabata workouts are a favorite of mine because they are quick and incredibly effective. They skyrocket the heart rate in a short amount of time and since the rest during a tabata workout is minimal, they always challenge me to the max.

Today’s tabata workout is a cardio killer but it also works the whole body. Your muscles will burn as your heart is pumpin’. It’s a one-two-punch of a workout, my friends!

Total Body Tabata Workout -- Killer Cardio Workout!

This workout incorporates six tabatas where you’ll spent 20 seconds on one exercise (your max effort) before resting for 10 seconds and repeating this sequence eight times. Once you’re done completing one tabata, move onto the next. (Try to keep rest times minimal and stick to the 10 seconds, but also honor your body and stay safe!)

For this workout, you will need a medicine ball and a bosu ball. If you do not have a bosu ball, you can do the plank jacks without one and if a medicine ball is not available to you, you can grab a kettlebell and do kettlebell swings instead. (A dumbbell may also be used for kettlebell swings!)

bosu and medicine ball

Exercise Demonstrations

Below you will find demos of the exercises mentioned in the above workout! (If the exercises are unfamiliar to you, you may click the links for a more detailed description to ensure proper form.)

Medicine Ball Slams

Bosu Plank JAck

Donkey Kicks Exercise

180 degree squat jumps

skaters exercise

Squat JAcks

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  1. Dawn says

    I don’t do a ton of tabata so. Do you make your way through all 6 exercises and repeat? Or do you do each exercise 6 times and then move to the next exercise?


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