Leg + Plyo Workout

A few weeks ago, I shared a killer Upper Body + Plyo Workout from my beloved Burn Boot Camp. It was saved on Bloglovin’ a bunch of times, shared by PopSugar and pinned on Pinterest like crazy, so I’m hoping this workout that focuses on the lower body will also be of interest to you.

You guys, this workout is HARD. It is probably the most challenging leg workout I’ve done at Burn Boot Camp to date and also my favorite leg workout I’ve done to date. Funny how that works, right!? There’s something about a challenging workout that really pushes me that I love and you cannot beat the post-workout high you get when you’re done.


This workout consists of four blocks that pair 60 seconds of weighted exercises with 30 seconds of plyometric exercise for three total rounds. I encourage you to select weights that really challenge you (but also honor your body!) on the first exercise and then kick up the speed and intensity on the second exercise. With a quick 30 second burst for the plyo exercise, you can give it your all. By the third round, you should really have to dig deep to get through everything. It’s a HARD workout but when you’re done with this one, your endorphins will be sizzlin’!  I hope you love it (or love to hate it) as much as I did last week!

Oh! And we can’t forget the finisher… Burn Boot Camp always concludes their workouts with a bang and the finisher for this workout looked like this: For four minutes, alternate 20 seconds of 180-degree squat jumps with 10 seconds of rest. PHEW!

Below you will find picture demonstrations of all of the exercises mentioned in this workout.

BLOCK ONE: Romanian Deadlifts + Squat Jacks

Romanian Deadlift

Squat Jacks

BLOCK TWO: Squats + Jumping Lunges

Dumbbell Squats jumping lunges

BLOCK THREE: Alternating Lunges + Froggers

Dumbbell Lunges froggers

BLOCK FOUR: Deadlifts + Skaters



FINISHER: 180-Degree Squat Jumps + Rest

180 degree squat jumps


Big thanks to Burn Boot Camp for the awesome workout and for letting me share it on the blog with you guys! If you guys live near a BBC location, definitely pop in and check it out. I am in LOVE with their workouts!! They’re very similar to the circuit-style workouts I often create to share on this blog but with fantastic trainers there to push you, the encouraging, challenging environment can’t be beat.


  1. says

    I’m so impressed you’re back to doing tough workouts like this only four months postpartum! I would love to hear more about how fitness has been and changed since having Chase. I’m six weeks PP and started working out yesterday, it’s going to be tough for a few weeks! 😉


  2. Shannon says

    I love that 90% of this workout can be done at home (& I’m sure I can modify the deadlifts!) We left our gym 2 months ago & are waiting until January to start up again, but I’m already getting tired of my P90x & Insanity workouts & am crave an intense Upper body + Plyo workout! Can’t wait!


  3. Nicole says

    Looks like a great workout! Thanks for sharing!
    I might give this a go tonight so just wondering what the difference is between a dead lift and a romanian deadlift?

    Thanks! 🙂


  4. Heidi says

    What is the difference between the Romanian Deadlift and the Deadlift at the end?

    LOVING this look of this workout. Can’t wait to do it!


  5. Emily says

    SO random connection to Burn Boot Camp!!!!!
    I am moving to a new city in Michigan, and new city means new workout spaces to try. So I search “Burn Boot Camp Michigan” it takes me to the founder of BBC page, and sure enough he mentions Michigan because he graduated from the same school I attend currently! I am a medical student at CMU where the founder graduated. Weird! No locations in Michigan though — tell the company they should give their founder’s alma mater some love and open up some locations here! 🙂 I’m gonna try this workout- thanks for sharing!


  6. Emily G says

    I LOVE when you post these workouts!!!! They are my favorite in my at home workout rotation right now and I love that even though I am 7 months pregnant with twins, I can modify them to make them a great pregnancy workout. Please keep posting these! If I lived anywhere near a BBC I would be an addict for sure!


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