Top Recipes of 2015

Hello and Happy Wednesday! Things seem to be a little quiet in the Blog World this week and I think that’s a wonderful thing. Hopefully everyone is taking some time to relax and rejuvenate a bit before the new year rolls in on Friday!

I’m still in Jacksonville soaking up family time but wanted to quickly pop in to share a recap of the top 10 most popular recipes on Peanut Butter Fingers in 2015.

Most Popular Blog Recipes

Every year, I enjoy looking back to see what you guys seemed to love the most and this year breakfast recipes seemed to dominate and claim the majority of the top spots (and many of them were from prior years)! I hope you enjoy this look back and would love to know what kind of recipes you hope to see on the blog in 2016 in the comments section of this post.

Happy (almost) New Year!

Top Recipes of 2015

Egg White Oatmeal

This was the most-viewed PBF recipe in 2015! I first shared the recipe back in September 2014, but it continually receives a lot views every month. It’s one of my favorites and a go-to breakfast for me that’s packed with protein and incredibly easy to make. All you need is three minutes in the morning!

Egg White Oatmeal Protein Pancake

This recipe came together when I was on a mission to create a protein pancake recipe that didn’t require protein powder or an immersion blender. I love this recipe and continue to make it frequently.

No Bake Oatmeal Nut Butter Balls

No bake recipes are the best! This recipe for no bake oatmeal nut butter balls makes a great grab-and-go snack on busy days and also satisfies my sweet tooth in a healthy way.

Easy Baked Chicken

I almost didn’t share this recipe on the blog because it is so easy and the photography isn’t the best, so go figure that it ended up being one of my most popular recipes from last year! Thanks to my mom for coming up with this one!

Banana Bread Protein Pancakes

My banana bread protein pancakes are a family favorite among my parents and sister! They taste like banana bread but are 10,000 times more filling thanks to a protein punch from cottage cheese (which I promise you cannot taste at all)!

Healthy Breakfast Sweet Potatoes

I think 2015 was the year I rediscovered sweet potatoes. They are so darn delicious and satisfying! I love incorporating them into my morning meal because they add a little volume, nutrition and color to breakfast!

Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are so, so tasty! I shared the recipe when I reviewed Chocolate Covered Katie’s cookbook and have nothing but wonderful things to say about this flour-free recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Overnight Oats

My peanut butter oatmeal cookie dough overnight oats continue to be one of my absolute favorite versions of overnight oats. The prep-ahead recipe makes breakfast a breeze and the flavor truly does remind me of peanut butter cookie dough!

How To Make Overnight Oats

If you’re new to the overnight oats phenomenon (or if you have yet to make a batch you truly love), check out this tutorial! It walks you through my go-to method for creating a tasty bowl of overnight oats.

Gluten Free Orange Chocolate Chip MuffinsIf you’re gluten-free (or even if you aren’t!) and are on the lookout for a fantastically moist muffin, please give this recipe a try. It’s easy to customize, so if you do not like chocolate chips, you can omit them and toss in your favorite nuts, dried cranberries, etc.

Question of the Day

I would absolutely love to hear what kind of recipes you guys hope to find on this blog in the new year! Are you on the lookout for easy breakfast creations? Tasty desserts? Healthy one-pot dinners? Please let me know! I really enjoy sharing new recipes with you guys and will definitely use your feedback when it comes to planning future recipes to share on Peanut Butter Fingers in 2016.

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. Tricia says

    I would love some new ideas for quick and healthy sides. I am a pro at making salads and baked sweet potato wedges but I make both of these at least once a week and I need some fresh ideas to work into the rotation.


  2. says

    Happy New Year!! I would actually love to see some more snack ideas, like more pre and post workout snacks! I always feel like I am eating the same snacks before the gym or a run and it can get boring!


  3. Melanie says

    So many great recipes!! Your egg white oatmeal continues to be one of my favorite go-to breakfasts. I would love to see more vegetarian dinner ideas in the new year. Thanks for all the awesome recipes!! Hope you have a great New Year! <3


  4. says

    Things are pretty silent in the blogging world, aren’t they. Glad it’s not just my site, ha!

    Guess we are into egg whites over here, but I love your no bake recipes. They’re perfect for day-hikes or exploring the slopes out here in Denver!

    Interesting fact that I noticed that the most popular recipes over on SST primarily include five ingredients or less. An interesting challenge, ha!


  5. Kristins says

    Hi Julie! I love all your recipe suggestions. I’ve recently gone low-carb. I would love to hear if you have any recipe ideas for a low-carb lifestyle. I know it’s not that popular anymore– it seemed to explode in the early 2000’s when Atkins was all the hype, but there are some of us just starting out 🙂 Happy New Year & thanks for being one of my favorite blogs!


  6. Dee says

    Do you wake up hungry during the night nursing Chase? A post about how you time food and nursing would be great! Also, how you start Chase on solid food would be fun to see!


  7. says

    My parents are always asking me to cook dinner at home but I feel like I always cook the same things over and over, and I would really like to change it up with something new for the family. Maybe something vegetarian, we’re trying to eat vegetarian at least once a week.


  8. Liz says

    I love all of these recipes and make a handful of them pretty often! I would like to see more lunches/ dinners maybe? I’m loving the recipes you already share with us, too!


  9. Alison says

    I would love to see more vegetarian main dish recipes. I have dramatically reduced my meat consumption due to health, environment, and animal welfare concerns. I love the blog “no meat athlete” but would also love to see some here. Thanks and peace to you and yours!


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