Total Body BOSU Workout

It’s time to woooork it oooout! Woo! Today I am sharing a Total Body BOSU Workout with you guys and it’s a tough one. If you complete all three rounds, it’s a 27-minute workout and you will have to dig deep to get through it and finish strong. I’ve offered some ways to make the workout a little less daunting (or even increase the intensity!) below, so hopefully it’s workout you’ll be excited to tackle in the future!

I love incorporating the BOSU ball into my workouts because it challenges my body in new ways and helps strengthen stabilizing muscles that can often be neglected in traditional strength training. The BOSU ball is the only piece of equipment required for this workout! Your shoulders will be burning, your core will be on fire and your legs will be screaming… All thanks to one innocent lil’ BOSU ball! It’s legit!

(And, if you happen to be on the lookout for an at home workout and don’t have access to a BOSU ball, this workout can be done using only your bodyweight as well.)

Total Body BOSU Workout

To complete this Total Body BOSU Workout, you’ll simply go through each of the exercises listed below for one minute. Move onto the next exercise quickly, but be sure to rest as needed and honor your body. You will likely need to break before the 60 seconds are up during some of the exercises (especially because of the way they are formatted), so allow yourself a quick 5-second reset if you need it and then get back to it!  You can also change up the order of the exercises to give your shoulders or legs a break. I like to jump around a bit and change the order during the second and third rounds.

Total Body Bosu Workout

Note: For the alternating leg bridges, complete 30 seconds on the left leg before switching legs and completing 30 seconds on the right leg.

Decreasing or Increasing Intensity

To decrease the intensity of this workout, you can complete each round for 30 seconds, or begin with one 60-second round before dropping to a 45 second round and a 30 second round for the final round. Whatever appeals most to you and makes the most sense for you and your body!

If you want a longer workout with more cardio, complete 5 minutes of running or incline walking on the treadmill in between each round.

Exercise Descriptions

Pushups: Begin in a plank position with hands balancing on the flat side of the BOSU, under and slightly outside of your shoulders. Bracing your core, lower your body until chest nearly touches the floor. Push up to return body to starting position.

Burpees: Place your hands on the outside of the flat side of the BOSU and begin in a plank position. Quickly jump your hands toward your hands in a low squat position. As you push up to standing, raise the BOSU over your head. Lower the BOSU back to the ground, crouching into a squat with your hands on the outside BOSU before jumping back into a plank position and beginning again.

Cricket Climbers

Cricket Climbers: Begin in a high plank with your hands balancing on the flat side of the BOSU and your weight supported by your hands and toes and your core engaged. Bring right knee in toward your chest, across the body toward the left shoulder, with toes just off the ground. Return to high plank position and quickly switch legs, bringing the left knee in toward your chest, across the body toward the right shoulder. Quickly switch legs back and forth.

Plank Jacks: Begin in a plank position, with your shoulders over your wrists, hands balancing on the flat side of the BOSU, core braced and your feet together. Jump your feet out wide and then back again while upper body remains in place.

Froggers: Begin in a plank position with hands balanced on the outside of the flat side of the BOSU. Jump your feet outside of your hands and then jump immediately back into a plank position.

BOSU Exercises

Popovers: Place the flat side of the BOSU ball on the ground. Begin in a plank position with your hands on the ground and your toes on the BOSU. Move your left foot off the BOSU and onto the floor while keeping your right toes on the BOSU. Quickly pop your feet over the BOSU so your right foot is now off the BOSU an your left toes are on the center of the BOSU. Repeat rapidly.

Squats: Begin by standing on the flat side of the BOSU ball, with your feet a shoulder-width apart. Keeping your chest up and your core strong, slowly lower your body into a squat. (Pay attention to your personal range of motion and form. You will likely not be able to squat as deeply on the BOSU.) Return to the starting position and repeat.

Squat Hopovers: Place the flat side of the BOSU on the ground and place your left foot in the center of the BOSU and your right foot parallel on the floor. Lower into a squat position while bracing your core. Quickly jump up and jump to your left, replacing your left foot with your right foot. Your left foot should now be on the floor, parallel with your right foot. Keep your body in a low squat and repeat.

BOSU Bridge

Alternating Leg Bridges: Place the flat side of the BOSU on the ground. Begin on your back with both feet on the top of the BOSU. Extend your right leg and push through the BOSU ball with your left heel, lifting your hips to full extension. Lower and repeat for 30 seconds. Switch sides and do the same on the left leg.



Top: Fabletics Holly Tank

Sports Bra: Express

Capris: Fabletics Salar Capris

Shoes: Nike Free Flyknits


Stacey Lanier Photography


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  1. Jessica says

    OH MY GOODNESS. I just did this today at my lunch hour and sheesh I felt the burn! What a good work-out. Thanks for sharing!! Love that it was total body & minimal equipment! 🙂


  2. Fiona says

    HOLY SMOKES!! I’m feeling it even just reading this workout! Just a quick question though, if you SUCK at regular push ups, would it still work to do modified with the Bosu ball ??? Love this so much, oh man and the squats on the bosu- ball, AYE AYE AYE!!! Thanks for putting this together!


  3. says

    Not gonna lie, I’ve seen this thing at my gym for months now and had no idea what it was actually called (or what the heck you were supposed to do with it)! I just might have to give some of these moves a try the next time I go, especially the bosu ball squats.


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