Upper Body + Plyo Workout

I am psyched to share this workout with you guys today! It’s a fun one (yes, even with burpees) and starts out tough with three minutes of non-stop work for the first round. The time spent in each circuit decreases by one minute for each subsequent round for three total rounds.

I completed this workout during Chase’s naptime and it only requires one set of dumbbells. It’s a quick workout but seriously challenging thanks to plyometric exercises that made me sweat like crazy and challenging upper body exercises.

Upper Body + Plyo Workout


You’ll notice that the number of reps you’re completing stay the same. Keep things simple, but focus on form and challenge yourself! Each circuit pairs an upper body exercise with a super-sweaty plyometric exercises that will get your heart rate up! Take breaks as needed and honor your body. If you keep things moving and give yourself a one-minute break at the end of each round, this workout should take you approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Below you will find exercise demos of each exercise in the three circuits.


Bicep Curl Overhead PRess

  • Burpees



Tricep Dips

plank jacks


Plank Rows

Squat Jumps

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  1. says

    I love this workout! I definitely neglect my upper body sometimes. PiYo is helping with that- I’m going to try to throw this workout in this evening as well!


  2. Andrea says

    Hey Julie! Do you have any recommendations for the plank rows so your hands don’t hurt? I don’t know if I’m holding the Dumbbells incorrectly but it always ends up hurting the “ball” of my hand(it even swells up!)


  3. says

    I really like this set! It’s seems super quick which is always a plus for me. I can’t really do burpees though – they seems to put a lot of impact on my hip and knee joints and I’m always sensitive to that (one of the reasons I don’t run).


  4. says

    Woof! I’m looking at 15 burpees for 3 minutes… but I trust you, girl!! Looking forward to trying this out as one of my home workouts! Though I’ll have to purely be focusing on my form for plank rows in minute three I’m certain, especially after tricep dips. Modifications for the win! 😉

    Thanks for passing along!


  5. Ruth says

    Workouts that combine strength and cardio are my favorite 🙂 Thanks for sharing a quick workout that pairs well with the new playlist that you shared!


    • says

      WOOP! I always feel a little more validated when YOU tell me a workout is hard. 🙂 Superstarrr. And can we please go back to the days of doing TaeBo in our dorm room?


  6. Caitlin says

    Woot woot! Just did this for my early morning workout! It was so great and so fast! The minute rounds I couldn’t even get the cardio part in…I guess it takes me a long time to do 15 bicep curls to overhead presses! Ha thank you Julie!!


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