Beat Boredom Treadmill Workout

I looked like a maniac at the gym today.

I hopped on and off the treadmill a handful of times and I’m pretty sure the guy running on the treadmill next to mine thought I was some kind of a nut job.

All that crazy jumping around was totally worth it because I completed an awesome 45-minute treadmill workout that absolutely flew by. Seriously, I felt like I was working out for maybe 20 minutes.

Check it out:

beat boredom treadmill workout

All of the exercises noted in bold were completed off the treadmill (duh), so there was a lot of hopping around and changing things up. The perfect recipe for a workout that keeps boredom at bay.

I got the idea for the workout from the June issue of Fitness magazine where they detailed a 40-minute treadmill workout that incorporated squat jumps, jumping jacks, crunches and pushups. I figured I could change it up a bit and do something similar and ended up loving this workout.


Breakfast this morning was an egg wafflewich!

egg waffle sandwich 010

I toasted two Van’s waffles and topped them with a slice of muenster cheese, two fried eggs and raspberry jelly.

egg waffle sandwich 012egg waffle sandwich 014

Eat up, buttercup!

egg waffle sandwich 017

A cup of hot vanilla caramel coffee rounded out my morning meal.

Time to get crackin’ on a new freelance assignment. See ya after lunch!

P.S. For my fellow Bachelorette fans, I watched the first episode last night and my two favorites were Doug, the single dad who got the first impression rose (loved the way he talked about his son!), and Ryan, the sports trainer who works with kids. Don’t let me down, guys!


  1. says

    Haha I’m loving how you wrote not to complete those on the treadmill, hilarious. Imagine you saw someone trying to do that! I really liked Doug too! He’s a cutie pie


  2. Kate says

    I did the beat treadmill boredom workout yesterday morning after you posted it and absolutely LOVED it! I always get bored running and then have to get off and do strength training exercises. This was a lot more fun and went by way faster than normal, also working other parts of my body. Thanks so much!



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