One-Legged Dumbbell Squat

Good morning and Happy Monday!

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and were able to spend time with people you love doing things you enjoy… or doing absolutely nothing, because that’s fun, too!

Now let’s dive right into the day!

Treadmill Workouts

Last week I created a new page on the blog and totally forgot to tell you guys about it!

treadmill workouts

There is now a brand spankin’ new Treadmill Workouts page on the blog with tons of my favorite treadmill workouts all in one place.

I categorized the workouts into walking workouts or running/interval workouts which are sorted by the duration of the workout. I tried to include brief one-sentence descriptions of each workout so you can quickly skim the page to hopefully find the workout you’re after whether you’re in the mood to tackle incline walking, sprints or steady-state cardio.

You may find the page underneath the “Work It Out” tab at the top of the blog. The link to the Treadmill Workouts page is located right underneath the new Circuit Workouts page that I created last week.

I hope you like it!


Speaking of workouts, today’s workout was a good one!

It was my second time tackling a specific lower-body workout sent to me through the Best Body Boot Camp program.

Today’s exercise of note was the one-legged dumbbell squat.

dumbbell one legged squatSure it looks basic, but the whole balance on one leg thing is quite challenging.

Last week when I attempted the move, I used two 15-pound dumbbells since that’s the weight I typically use when I do lunges. Doing one-legged squats with the dumbbells proved rather difficult and I found myself cheating the move a bit and frequently stabilized myself with my back leg.

Today I actually used no weight at all and concentrated on doing the move sloooowly and correctly and still felt the burn. I know I have a lot of work to do when it comes to stability exercises. They challenge me in a totally new way, which I love and hate at the same time.


Today’s morning meal came together nice and fast thanks to prep work last night.

overnight oats

I made myself a batch of overnight oats with old fashioned oatmeal, plain Greek yogurt, chia seeds, almond milk and honey.

overnight oats with banana

banana overnight oats

Perfect post-workout breakfast.

Time to tackle my inbox! Enjoy your morning!

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  1. says

    One-legged anything is ROUGH in my book. Lunges, squats, heck—even standing on one leg–all out of the question. Guess that means I really need to work on my balance.


  2. Courtney says

    Julie – great interview!! As a Dietiian in the Eating Disorder treatment field, it’s great to see you discussing the importance of having a healthy relationship with food. Keep up the awesome work!!


  3. says

    Breakfast looks good. This morning I had my green smoothie (coconut water w/ frozen mangos/bananas, sambazon acai berry packs and spinach- very refreshing.)

    I look forward to reading your interview w/ Bee Life. I’ll have to read it later on tonight after I get home from my 2nd job.

    BTW- do you have any reccomendations for strenght training at home? I need to start toning but I don’t belong to the gym. My “home” gym consist of dumbells and walking shoes.


  4. briana says

    Hi Julie, quick question how did you like “Wither”? I’m looking for a new book after reading all three from the Hunger Games in three weeks.


  5. says

    one legged squats are great!! u definitely have to watch form though they can be tough. ive seen people lower all the way down to the ground!! im not even close to that haha



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