No Gym No Problem Workout

Good morning! I hope you guys are doing well on this lovely Tuesday. I am popping in to share another naptime workout with you today!

I am hoping that those of you who are always on the lookout for workouts you can do at home will like this one! I’ve dubbed it the “No Gym No Problem” workout because all you need is your body. Yep, this workout includes only bodyweight exercises, so save it for a day when you want to sneak in a workout at home or when you’re traveling since it can easily be done in a hotel room, too!

The workout will work your whole body by targeting your upper body, lower body and core but also includes bursts of cardio to keep your heart rate up and make ya sweat!

No Gym No Problem At Home Workout

No Gym No Problem At Home Workout

If you complete all three rounds of the workout, it should take you right around 36 minutes, but please remember to take the time to rest as needed and listen to your body.

Sister Workout

Increase The Intensity

Looking for a way to increase the intensity? Here are some tips:

  • Add 45 seconds of mountain climbers or burpees in between each round
  • Complete the arm circles, squats and lunges with a set of dumbbells
  • Complete the cardio exercises for 90 seconds each instead of 60 seconds

Exercise Breakdown

Below you will find links to demonstrations of all of the exercises found in this workout!





Additional At Home Workouts

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  1. Katie says

    Julie, what camera are you using these days? I am looking to get rid of my old Canon Rebel XSI and purchase a new one, just interested in what you are using!


  2. says

    here’s why i can’t workout at home: my cat bites my feet and arms. she must despise burpees as much as me b/c she’s right there snapping at me with every jump


  3. says

    Thanks for this Julie! I love at-home workouts that don’t require any equipment. My muscles are HURTING today after going a bit overboard with a double workout yesterday, so I’m listening them to my body and resting up. Hopefully they are feeling better tomorrow so I can do this workout!


  4. says

    Great tips. My gym membership expires in a few days and I have decided to wait with the renewal till after the summer.
    I will make sure to do the exercises you have recommended. Thank you.



  5. Chris says

    Thanks for this workout! I really appreciate the links to the moves- it gives me some really great tips and ideas to try out! Happy belated birthday! I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to new posts!


  6. says

    People always say they can’t get out to exercise on vacation, but just as you say, “all you need is your body.” I’m also a fan of push ups and V-ups for my training clients.

    If I have no equipment, then it’s surprising what you can do with household items, such as dips using a stool, L-sit for the abs (if you have strong enough arms), body rows under a sturdy table. It’s just about being creative with what you have.

    George x



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