Things I’m Loving Friday #45

Salad Chopper

Good morning!!! How are you guys doing today? Once again I wanted to pop in yesterday but some meetings and appointments got in the way. I’m definitely ready to establish more of a routine and get out of this strange limbo phase we’re in at the moment, but it’s also an exciting time. There is… 

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Group Exercise Workout Playlist

Upbeat Workout Playlist  - Great for group exercise instructors

We’re halfway through the workweek already! Woop! I was up bright and early this morning to squeeze in my workout before it was time to teach the boot camp class at my gym. For today’s workout, I warmed up on the treadmill for 10 minutes before completing the bicep workout I shared on the blog… 

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My Half Marathon Playlist

Half Marathon Playlist

Tomorrow I will be running in my fifth half marathon and last night I took the time to put together a rockin’ playlist that I’m hoping will help motivate me on race day. A bunch of your recommendations found their way onto my iPod and this playlist so I wanted to be sure to share… 

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