Top 10 Recipes of 2016

Below you will find a collection of the Top 10 Healthy Recipes on PBF in 2017! The recipes that made the list include a variety of healthy breakfast recipes, easy dinner ideas, sweet treats and more! 

At the end of every year, I enjoy diving into my analytics to see what interests you guys the most. I have never really been one to get caught up in checking blog-related stats and numbers (I honestly only check my pageviews when companies request my numbers – great for my sanity but probably not my business!) but at the end of the year, I think it’s fun to assess everything and see what performed well on the blog and what piqued your interest in this space!

To kick off the new year, I wanted to share some of my most popular recipes, workouts and “extras” (aka my catch-all category for some of my favorite posts that don’t fall into the food or fitness category) with you guys. I’m kicking things off today with a summary of my top 10 recipes from 2016 as determined by pageviews. Only four of the top 10 were actually made in 2016 so I also included a short summary of the top 10 recipes from PBF that were actually published in 2016 below as well!

TOP 10 HEALTHY RECIPES (breakfast, dinner, snacks, dessert and more!)

If you haven’t tried any of the recipes listed below yet, I hope one pops out at you! Please let me know if you have any recipe requests for 2017! Here’s to another year of healthy eats and yummy treats!

Top 10 Healthy Recipes of 2016

A three minute recipe that fluffy and filling and absolutely packed with protein and natural sweetness!

Egg White Oatmeal

Made with egg whites, ground flaxseed and almond milk, this recipe for oatless oatmeal is a nutritious and tasty alternative to traditional oatmeal for those who may be gluten-free, Paleo or simply looking for a satisfying high-protein breakfast.

Paleo Oatless Oatmeal - Gluten Free

A simple breakfast or delicious snack recipe, this protein pancake doesn’t require a blender or protein powder!

Egg White Oatmeal Protein Pancake

The easiest chicken recipe ever! Perfect for busy weeknight dinners. It is also a great recipe to prep ahead on Sunday evenings and tastes fantastic as leftovers!

Easy Baked Chicken

These no bake key lime pie bites are sweet and tangy and give you a zip of energy when you need it most! Enjoy them as a pre-workout or on-the-go snack or a healthy dessert after dinner.

key lime pie bites

A deliciously savory grab-and-go breakfast you can completely customize by choosing your favorite ingredients. Play around with different vegetables, meats and cheeses to create your perfect egg muffin!

Easy Customizable Egg Muffins

Lower in sugar than many pumpkin muffin recipes, these whole wheat pumpkin muffins are kid-friendly and make a wonderful snack on a chilly autumn day.

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Muffins

This recipe for peanut butter crunch baked steel cut oatmeal is packed with peanut butter flavor and makes a perfect lazy Sunday morning breakfast. It is a dish that can also be baked ahead and reheated throughout the week for an easy weekday morning meal!

baked steel cut oatmeal

A simple recipe for no bake balls that doesn’t require a food processor. Woohoooo!

No Bake Oatmeal Nut Butter Balls

You only need one pot to make this delicious dish and it tastes fantastic as leftovers, too! The ginger sesame broth is strong and flavorful and will keep you coming back for more!

One Pot Chicken Cabbage Bowl

Top 10 Recipes Made in 2016

Easy Chia Seed Pudding - Chocolate Peanut Butter

Protein Fudge Recipe

Easy Deep Dish Quiche

Question of the Day

  • Do you have any special requests for recipes you’d like me to share on the blog in 2017? More breakfast recipes? Easy dinner ideas? Let me know!


  1. says

    I love the fudge too! I make a similar recipe except I add bananas and blend everything in the blender. Then after blending, pour into pie dish and freeze. It taste *almost* like an ice cream cake!

    I would love to see more easy dinner ideas. I feel like I get stuck in a dinner rut and need inspiration. 😉
    Hope you are having a great day, Julie!


  2. says

    I make your “Easy Bake Chicken” and “I Don’t Know What To Call This Other Than Delicious Baked Chicken” quite frequently at my house. So thank you from the bottom of my (and my baby girl and husband’s) stomachs. I’d love more of those quick and tasty chicken meals!


  3. says

    So interesting that so many of them are oatmeal based! But they all look delicious, as usual. 🙂

    In the coming year, I’d love to see more healthy “dessert” recipes. I have a HUGE sweet tooth that I’m always trying to curb, thus all of the healthy desserts on my site, but I’m always on the lookout for inspiration and more recipes to try that will keep me on the right track!

    Thanks for sharing!
    XO, Jessica


  4. Liz says

    I was just thinking about the egg white oatmeal and the egg white and oatmeal protein pancake! I always love all of your recipes–breakfasts and dinners for sure..maybe more lunch ideas?


  5. says

    We love making egg muffins – they’re so easy for us busy working mamas to throw together! My 14 month old LOVES eggs too so any type of egg recipe, or souffle is right up her alley! This is such a great resource, Julie!


  6. Kim from MN says

    Love your recipes, Julie! I make a bunch of them a lot. I guess the kind of recipes I’m always looking for are good vegetable recipes (as in, veggie side dish recipes). Most people steam them or roast them and serve them on the side of a protein/starch combo, but I’d love to be inspired to eat more veggies via some good recipes! Thanks as always!


  7. Stephanie says

    Hi Julie, I’ve been a longtime reader. I eat strictly whole 30 for dietary reasons. I’m always looking for recipes that are whole 30 where I can easily add in grains or beans at serving time for husband and children. Tacos are an example, they eat tacos while I have lettuce wraps.
    Thank you.


  8. says

    Oh my gosh, those key lime pie bites look delicious! My husband is obsessed with key lime pie, so I will have to give these a shot. I had them on my to bake list but never got around to them. Thanks for reminding me!

    I am a huge fan of your yearly recap posts! Is it ever surprising to you how your older recipes always tend to show up on your top ten for the year??


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